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What's Stopping You From Living The Expat Life?

We've all woken up, and it's now the year 2022!

Can you believe it? It seems like years go by in the blink of an eye.

It becomes a distant memory that you once wanted to travel and move to a different country or apply for your dream job that's in that enchanting city as you lay down in your comfort zone.


The place we belong, where we can be ourselves.

We have roots, family, long-standing friends and a well-paying job (or recently left your job and want more). This all too familiar routine and lifestyle that mirrors our nearest and dearest is where we reside in denial. If you are a true seeker of the unknown, the wanderlust, the broken ones looking to heal, the chance of a more exciting journey, this sleeps within us until we listen and take action on living the expat life.

But I have to keep my steady job; I have bills to pay? I have children, a dog and a mortgage?

Below are trustworthy tips for settling a weary, wandering mind full of questions.

Hopefully, you will find some answers here and build a road map to kick start the expat life you have always wanted.

1. I don't have enough money.

You need to secure a job before you move. What are your current skills? What field or occupation are trained in? Are you willing to "upskill", in other industries to live the expat life? You need a month or two worth of rent and living in savings to keep you afloat in the first month; remember, some foreign countries are cheaper than your home country, so money can go a bit further! Becoming a member with Her Expat Life can open the doors to a broad community of networking and like-minded people who can help you change careers, find jobs, and even housing on an International level.

2. You have commitments.

'I have my job, my family and friends who depend on me. I am a member of clubs and have hobbies - I don't want to lose all of this.

In this day and age, it's easy to keep in touch with technology and social platforms while you reside somewhere else - You can keep up with your family and friends online daily!

The expat life will open you up to limitless new and exciting opportunities, people, hobbies, trends, and places that you will begin to adjust and integrate! Her Expat life can help you meet new people in your chosen country, offering a global community to connect with!

3. I'm scared/worried.

'The great unknown seems extremely scary. I'm worried it will not work out!'

It is crucial to have proper plans in place to cover every eventuality. You are setting up a life - could be for a year, could be for the rest of your life - this is not for us to dictate. However, at Her Expat Life, we have services that put together 'on the ground' foundations. You can shadow a female expat in your chosen destination for a week and find out all you need to know about being a local there! This is where expat lifestyles slightly differ from travelling with a backpack.

We offer housing services to help you get settled, and we are a support system that tailor-makes each package unique for the country you are going to and meet your lifestyle needs!

4. The Pandemic.

The Pandemic has been a global fight and is still ongoing with borders closures and unpredictable country alerts. It's essential to get vaccinated and to keep up with government information. Yes - this can be the number one deterrent for moving - but you have to remember that some countries were less affected and can be safer than the country you are in right now.

Her Expat Life have all been expats, are still expats and have extensively lived abroad. We understand all your queries, heartaches, worries and can provide complete service packages to help you as a female expat transition smoothly and successfully as possible!

Sign up today and join our waiting list to access all the advantages of being a 'Her Expat Life' member! Let the Pro's Help.

Happy 2022 Everyone!

xoxo Her Expat Life

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