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A Week In Her Life

Your Official "Go-See" Travel Experience

  • Are you afraid to move abroad because  you think you won't meet amazing, intelligent women that you can connect and socialize both professionally and personally?

  • Want a try before you buy travel experience, before you spend thousands to relocate to a city only to find you hate it?

  • Want to learn how to navigate local bureaucracy?

  •  Want to understand the rental market and learn how to rent an apartment abroad?

  • Want to discover the local nightlife and social organizations from the vantage point of a local or seasoned expat?

  • Want to eliminate the frustrations, of moving abroad blindly?

  • Want to take the fear out of  navigating public transportation and taxis?

​A Week In Her Life travel experience takes the scary out of moving abroad. With customized trips to your dream city, we connect you with a seasoned expat woman on the ground to help you figure it all out!

Explore Historic Cities  

A Week In Her Life, Istanbul

A Week In Her Life, Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey is one of the most underrated expat cities, that is perfect for new expats, investors, and entrepreneurs who want to high quality of life, low costs, and crosses 3 regions, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, with Africa not too far. We have an extensive network to get new expats of all lifestyles get started. 


A Week In Her Life, Barcelona

A city with great food, friendly people, rich culture and traditions. Barcelona is a city for expat entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals working in MNCs, diplomacy, non-profits, or education. Barcelona and its surroundings offer possibilities for cinema creatives and other kinds of creatives -photographers, crafters, painters- who are looking for connections and inspiration.


A Week In Her Life, Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, in confluence with the Danube and Sava river, with a population of about 1.7 million people. A city rich in history from the language, architecture, food, music,  landscape, and culture, Belgrade is a perfect city for expats and digital nomads who want expand their global lifestyle outside trendy European cities yet not too far from MENA. 

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