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Co-Living & Co-Working Membership


Community At Work & Home Abroad

Why Join Our Co-work & Play Global Membership?

We have partnered with co-working and co-living spaces, luxury resorts, beauty salons, nail salons, spas, fitness centers, yoga & pilates classes, and lifestyle coaches around the world so you can easily transition into your expat or nomad life. Join our exclusive Her Expat Life  Co-Work & Play Membership to get discounts and gain access to some of the best co-working, co-living, and luxury resorts, all over the world! ​ We understand that having a relaxed place to work, a professional space to meet clients, and having reliable Wifi is essential when you work remotely. By becoming a member you not only save on co-working and co-living spaces, but also save on beauty experiences, gym memberships, and at Pilates studios worldwide. Join NOW to start saving  *Monthly/Weekly/ Daily Co-Work/Co-Live Discount rates available. ​ ​

International Job Board

Image by Keren Levand

Working Abroad

To thrive as a female expat or digital nomad your financial wellness matters.


Having a job and/or stable income streams will determine your ability and quality of life as a foreigner. 

Finding work abroad is the number one barrier for foreigners, and we're here to help.

We have a network of recruiters, head hunters, and business owners in our global network to help you gain leads and find work abroad.

And to help career changers and women looking to break into tech,  we have workshops, webinars, and coaches to help you. 

Starting January 2023