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Destinations & Global Partners

We help you advance your global lifestyle in female friendly expat & digital nomad hubs around the world. We have worked tirelessly to build a global network of B2B partners in various industries to assist you in building a global life you love. Take advantage of MEMBERS ONLY discounts to save MONEY while crossing borders!

Travel Abroad!

The Americas & Caribbean


Africa & Middle East

Asia & Oceania

United States

California, USA

Any Place Rentals

New York City - Manhattan, USA

Any Place Rentals

Miami, Florida

The Ribeiro Law Firm, PA

Trademark Lawyer

Member Discount: $100 Off

Puerto Rico 

NewGen Wealth Creation

Affordable Financial Planning

Member Discount: 20-50%



Burgas CoLiving

Member Discount: 18%


Palermo, Sicily

Beet Community

Member Discount:10%

Magnisi Studio

Member Discount:10%


Giulia Porro

Holistic Leadership Coach

Member Discount: 10%



Sweet BCN Apts.

Member Discount:15%

Talenom Law Office

Legal Services

Member Discount: 10%


Co-livng El Palmar


Member Discount:10%

United Kingdom

Zuzana Svepesova

Dating Coach & Psychologist

Member Discount: 20%

Ellie Clearly

Astro Cartography Coach

Relocation Astrology

Member Discount: £188 Astro Cartography Session 



Alexandra Verzuh

Professional Life Transition Coach

Member Discount: 10%


San Gwann

Evolve Coliving

Coliving & Coworking Space

Member Discount: 10% off the first month's stay



Centro Padma Yoga

Yoga Center

Member Discount: 10% off 

Ballerina Body

Dancer's Workout

Member Discount: 15% off 

France - Coming Soon

Netherlands - Coming Soon

Croatia - Coming Soon

Greece - Coming Soon

Serbia- Coming Soon

Estonia - Coming Soon


Istanbul, Türkiye

Ayna Ayna Beauty

Member Discount: 15%

Pilates Demet Topa

Member Discount: 10%

Surgery Savior

Cosmetic Surgery Companion

Member Discount: 15%

Dubai, UAE - Coming Soon

Bahrain - Coming Soon

Oman - Coming Soon

Ghana - Coming Soon

Kenya - Coming Soon

Tanzania - Coming Soon

Rwanda - Coming Soon

South Africa - Coming Soon

Singapore - Coming Soon


Laura Lopez

Purpose Coach

Member Discount: 15%

New Zealand- Coming Soon

Japan - Coming Soon

Thailand - Coming Soon

Oman - Coming Soon

India - Coming Soon

Indonesia - Coming Soon

South Korea - Coming Soon

Malaysia - Coming Soon

Philippines - Coming Soon

Go Where You Can Thrive!

The number one benefit of living an expat life is an improvement in your quality of life!

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