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Women's healthcare is expensive and inaccessible

In various countries, women's health care is either too expensive or women have restricted access to good medical health care.

As women, we have a lot of needs from gynaecological issues, maternity, fertility issues and more. Women's medical list is longer than men's, and the complications can feel much greater!

'Approximately 529,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes, and almost all (99%) of these maternal deaths occur in developing nations. Unsafe abortions alone cause 68,000 deaths annually. The highest maternal mortality rates are in Africa, with a lifetime risk of 1 in 16, whereas the lowest rates are in Western nations. Of the women who escape death, more than 10 to 20 million per year will suffer serious childbirth complications, including infertility.'

Across the world, there is a real risk of women not being able to access good healthcare due to expense. Women are more likely to be skipping out on preventive services and medical treatment due to costs.

If you have money or good health care insurance, you are more likely to feel safer, have access to specialists, and get through IVF, giving birth or other gynaecological issues smoothly. Yet this is rarely the case for women internationally as the gender pay gap, and other factors all come into play.

Here is Her Expat Life's solution for women's healthcare globally.

1: Do your research. Be open and flexible to healthcare mobility as other countries may have better, accessible, up to date or revolutionary female healthcare, depending on your specific needs.

2: Find a good health insurer and read up on what country you are residing in (as a female expat) offers you, as every country's healthcare system is different.

3: Get informed! Read up and find as much information as you can on your particular female medical issue.

4: Get your yearly checkups to prevent future complications such as cancers. If you are having a baby, make sure to make a family plan, financially and healthcare wise, so you are supported fully at every stage.

5: If there are more complicated issues like infertility issues, figure out costs ahead of going into treatment and shop around to find good healthcare.

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