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Why expats should choose Coworking spaces!

When you think of Coworking spaces, you might think they are just for digital nomads, yet they have so much to offer budding expat entrepreneurs and small expat business owners.

Coworking spaces allow you to meet new like-minded people, network and potentially grow your business or gain investment! Coworking spaces provide you with a change of scenery which can help with boosting motivation and productivity, allow you to build a team and hold meetings and conduct business in a flexible environment that suits this current climate of working styles.

You may have suffered badly during the pandemic, lost your business or confidence, or felt isolated and demotivated. Inspire you to move on a different path or change direction to a better expat life!

Coworking spaces can offer a way out of your current situation and into a world of connectivity, possibility and growth.

Here are Her Expat Life's top Coworking spaces across the world!

1: Crew Collective

Once the Royal Bank of Canada, located in a heritage building, is Crew Collective & Café, which offers various services from professional workspaces to open coworking spaces, modern meeting and conference rooms, and private offices.

2: Coworking Tulum

Work from paradise! Coworking Tulum offers exclusive events for remote workers, beachside Coworking spaces, and unlimited access to inspiring people. It has the best locations to get your work done. It gives you access to unique people and resources, a network of like-minded professionals, and a healthy dose of tranquillity in one of the most impressive towns in Mexico.

3: naked Hub

naked Hub is Asia's top Coworking brand. naked Group launched naked Hub in November 2015 in Shanghai to provide members with better office solutions and services. Today, naked Hub is a home-grown success story, leading the coworking industry in Asia. naked Hub has a network of around 50 hubs (operating & under development) across Mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, and the UK.

4: The Farm SoHo NYC - Coworking Office Space

The Farm Coworking spaces allow you to make your workday your way. Be inspired by the buzz, the energy, and the atmosphere of their flexible coworking spaces and event venues right here in New York City.

5: Hubud, Bali

Hubud is a coworking space and community leading the global movement of location independence in life + business. Hubud has a passionate bunch of business rebels, courageous creatives, tech geeks + and truth-seekers.

According to Forbes, CNBC, Huffington Post and Lonely Planet, Hubud is Bali's first and one of the top-ranked coworking spaces in the world.

Join Her Expat Life - expand your community, grow your network and let us guide you to where you want to go on your expat journey!

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