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The ups and downs of being a single expat mom

Being a single mom does not come without its challenges; financially supporting the family, being the emotional caregiver and raising them is a big task. We have seen a rise in the freedom of expression amongst women in the expat community, opening up the world for single moms to live their dream expat life, with financial security, top schooling for their children, and the capacity to travel was unheard of decades ago.

Facilitating this life is still hard for the single mom families and is quite a daunting task; in need of planning to cover for secure stability abroad.

Here are Her Expat Life's top things to consider to make life just that little easier as a single expat mom.

Prepare your child for expatriate life.

Raising children abroad can be the most fulfilling journey you go on as a mom. Talking to your children and explaining the plan for expatriate life, where you will go and what life will be like allows your children to form their ideas, raise questions and get used to the overall idea before you implement the move into expat life.

It is essential to show them schools they may attend, activities and hobbies you may enrol them, and talk about languages and cultural differences they will learn as they transition into their new lives. Let children build up a picture of what their life might look like and get them excited for this adventurous expatriate lifestyle.

Find a company that supports expat single moms.

Companies used to overlook single-parent families for fear of instability in the expatriate workforce; however, as the rise of single moms has increased in the expatriate community, companies are becoming open-minded, supportive and hiring women for their skills, diversity and talent. HR departments offer immigration advice, visas, and beneficiary packages that make life as a single expat mom desirable, comfortable, and accessible.

Be sure to look around in your desired new home for the best company and packages on offer.

Making a plan to network professionally online and attending events (whenever possible) is key to finding the right company for you and your children's needs while living an expatriate life.

Finding support on the ground.

Her Expat Life offers a robust platform and community on the ground in your new city!

We love single mom's and welcome you to join our Facebook group to chat with fellow expat women to learn and grow while supporting each other to advance your expatriate lifestyle.

We offer an 'A Week in her Life' package - the perfect chance to shadow a fellow female expat on the ground. This expat will be your guide, confidant and supporter for settling into your new city, showing you the ropes and allowing you to ask questions. You will be introduced to other expats and find your feet as a single expat mom to transition successfully into the expat lifestyle.

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