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The Hong Kong Expat Crisis

Between China's take over and the Covid 19 crisis, Hong Kong seems to be undergoing a complete transformation. Many expats are deeply concerned for their established expatriate lifestyle, not only threatened by Covid 19 but also China's authoritarian rule.

This business hub of the world is diminishing before our very eyes. Top firms are looking to leave Hong Kong indefinitely, meaning loss of jobs or relocation, forcing Hong Kong expatriates to consider a new beginning, a new life in a new city, offering similar expat lifestyles.

Singapore, another global business hub, is the top favourite among Hong Kong Expatriates, yet the doors to Singapore seem closed, uninviting and competitive. Expats are looking further afield and seeing the attraction of European cities that can offer work, lifestyle, culture, and education for their children.

It is not an easy task to dismantle your expatriate lifestyle and move to another country to start again, but there is no choice for some. They face China's indoctrination, lack of freedom, and a crippling Covid 19 aftermath if they stay.

This expatriate move is monumental and has to be the best location. The picture does not need to be so bleak after all; relocating as an expat can offer the chance of a new adventure, a new chapter and new connections. It's all about finding the place that is right for you. What are your skillset, family dynamics, and lifestyle you require? All these factors matter in making sure you choose the right location to serve your professional and personal needs.

Sometimes it can feel like your whole expat world is collapsing, friends moving away, and the isolation or lack of community becomes your reality. Be sure to prioritise finding a supportive community that can offer advice and friendship in times of loneliness, which we have all felt as expats, from time to time.

Her Expat Life is a consultancy that helps women advance their global lifestyle. Our mission is to create ease, community, opportunity, and empowerment for our clients and members.

We have services that offer expats guidance on planning your move to offering expats 'hosts' in your new city whom you can shadow and integrate into your new city. We offer you, locals, in your new city that can help with the customs and culture of the country, all centred on enabling the transition to run as smoothly as possible.

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Her Expat Life Team

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