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Money Management Apps For Women, 2022!

Managing your money and finances is becoming a real juggling act as we move away from chequebooks and into the digital cashless flow of life. Women's to-do lists are becoming longer than ever as we manage households, children, careers, investments and more.

Our finances can sometimes run away from us and lead to debt, overspending on non-essentials and wreak havoc on our credit scoring.

We as women can run into difficulty and find ourselves with little income or savings left at the end of every month. Where did the money go? Why do I always mindlessly spend? How do I form a plan for financial security for the future?

Financial apps are a straightforward solution that you can access through your phone at any time of the day or night. These apps allow you to track your spending, savings, and investments and even help you pay off debts!

Here Are Her Expat Life's Top Money Management Apps For Women!

1: Mint

Mint brings together everything from spending, balances, and budgets to your credit score. Access your financial life in one powerful app.

Mint is a full-featured app that lets you keep track of your spending and monitor your credit health for free.


YNAB helps you sort out your messy finances.

Organize your finances, demolish your debt, save piles of cash, and reach your financial goals faster. Your complicated mix of bank accounts, credit cards, and loan balances in one central view. Start your budget to feel instant relief.

Set up saving funds, a daily or monthly budget, and track every dollar you spend and make. EveryDollar connects to over 10,000 banks for automatic transaction syncing. Plus, you'll get spending insights and intelligent tracking recommendations.

Mobills is like a personal finance manager offering fundamental ways to set up a budget and financially plan on your device. You can keep track of your expenses and incomes from your desktop or phone. Manage everything in one place. See all your accounts, credit cards, and payments giving you complete control of your financial situation. Create a longevity budget to stick to daily.

Get your money into shape with Spendee. Have complete control, track your cash flow, understand your financial habits, connect all bank accounts and observe your spending habits closely. Make intelligent decisions about your money every day. Managing finances should be as effortless as shopping online. It should be done anytime, anywhere and in a few clicks.

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