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Gold Package

2,000 Euros

50 Hours Monthly Subscription

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The Gold Local Negotiator Package provides 50 hours of the following services:

Negotiating Prices & Contracts
Running Errands & Home Management
Relationships & Cultural Liaison services

Having a local on your side to help you navigate, integrate, assimilate, and live stress-free in your new home city/country. If you're the type of individual that needs someone to "hold your hand" in managing responsibilities, relationships, business, and more this service is for you. Rather than do everything yourself, you can outsource and delegate the "not so fun stuff" to a trusted local.

Need assistance with reapplying for your visa? Or buying a car, or even finding a driver for the weekend? Enrolling your child in a coveted international school? Or even moving to a new place. These are timely tasks that can be outsourced to our local negotiators. No need to go on Facebook expat groups and ask for referrals, advice, or introductions.

We've done the heavy lifting, and created a vetted and trusted network of locals.

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