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​Women are the new expatriates

With the rise of modern mobility, gender diversity and global mobility, there is a definite shift in females fore fronting the expatriate workforce.

Women are widely underrepresented in the expatriate world, yet they have reached business successes and other industries that need to be recognised and celebrated.

Women used to be passive expatriates; they would move where their partner was being sent, take the kids to the international school, and have meetings at the International Women's Club. This old picture is changing. Women are seeking more expatriate executive roles globally and pushing the way forward for gender equality.

"According to a report by PwC, 62% of millennial women in 2016 said they were willing to take place in a less developed country to advance in their careers. When PwC asked the same question of women in 2011, just 12% of women said they were willing to do the same, indicating an increase in the prominence of female expatriates."

We have seen a dramatic shift in gender equality in the last decade. It looks like female expatriate success stories will rise as we move forward into total equality in the workplace and on the global platform. Women need to be supported and recognised for their efforts.

There is still work needed to be done internally by companies, CEOs, and HR to aid female mobility in the workforce worldwide. While most organisations surveyed have a diversity strategy, only a minority have aligned their global mobility strategy with their diversity goals.

Location is also a hot topic for female mobile expatriates. 48% of women said they would never relocate to the Middle East, while 43% of women said the same about Africa. Organisations must undertake a focused action plan to tackle these challenges while identifying location barriers to female movers.

'The focus of global investment and growth is shifting beyond the once-dominant G7 – a fact evident not only in the rise of the BRIC economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China but also in the fast growth of the F7 'frontier' markets, stretching from the Philippines to Peru.' - Pwc.

The future looks promising for women expatriates looking for a challenge and matching their male counterparts in the job market and the lifestyle that becoming an expat can give you.

Her Expat life is a global mobile expat consultancy that helps to enable women to live an international lifestyle. Her Expat life is also a community that allows you to live and work in new and exciting cultures and cities.

Our services range from shadowing an expat to hiring a local to help with Hiring a trusted local to help you get settled in navigating everyday challenges, bureaucracy, and cultural etiquette of the expat lifestyle in your city!

If this sounds like your kind of tribe - get in touch, or join our mailing list.

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