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Why You Should Choose A Career In Cyber Security As A Female Expat

Cyber security is a very underrated, under-staffed field, yet it holds mass potential for career growth and exciting work, which can lead to a location-free work environment. As it is a male-dominated industry, females tend to shy away as it is traditionally maths and science-based.

'Right now, women in cyber security represent a mere 11% of the industry worldwide. That means that the cyber security industry is missing almost half of the population's talent pool during a period in history when cybercrime poses one of our most menacing threats.' -

Yet there are so many appealing qualities to joining the field of cyber security for women. Training courses to improve or obtain the proper qualification are on the rise and readily available online.

Here are Her Expat Life's top reasons to forge a career in Cyber Security for female expats!

1: Well paid!

Salaries are desirable due to the lack of talent and skilled professionals. You can make between 100k - 200k with a bachelor's or master's degree in Cyber Security, depending on what specific job you are doing, but overall the majority pay extremely sound packages. It's a no-brainer.

2: Job Security!

As there is such a high demand for good skilled, educated cyber security personnel, there is low turnover and high rates of extended job security. There are thousands of job vacancies in the sector left unfilled, and it is a crucial sector globally - in need of people! You won't be lost looking for work.

3: Incentives for Women!

Within Cyber Security, there are fewer women in the field. Companies are looking to entice women to work for them by offering them scholarships. Companies want diversity, too, to broaden their culture and company outlook. Women bring this much-needed alternative into the industry.

4: Location-free work environment!

Cybersecurity jobs are well-suited to remote work.

There is a projection that within cybersecurity, the industry will grow by 33%, much faster than other occupations on a global scale; with this comes a higher demand for connectivity with the right skilled people. Companies open to working remotely with their employers offering better-sophisticated systems, Cyber Security is the brighter move career-wise.

5: High Level of Satisfaction!

You are providing a much-needed service, necessary skills and job. You are desirable and will do as long as we interact digitally. It's fast-paced and constantly changing - you will never be bored. As a female, you will network with extremely bright, intelligent people making a difference in an innovative industry. You will constantly be learning, adapting and growing with hopefully the chance of a global work environment, network and placement. Perfect for the female expat looking to move up the career ladder quickly and prosperously.

Join Her Expat Life and gain access to job boards, recruiters and networking to find your next career move! We are here to help advance your global mobility, and you can enjoy a global Job Network & Coaching.

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