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Why you don't need a diet with Tatiana Ermakova, weight loss coach!

Her Expat Life would like to introduce you to Tatiana Ermakova -A Weight Loss Coach for busy women who want to lose weight once and for all and have a NO-DRAMA relationship with food. Why you don't need a diet/kcal app/meal plan/boot camp/other things to lose weight for good

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel if I say that we all start our weight loss journey in the exact same way,

"Hey, Google! What's the fastest way to lose weight?"

And Google gives you a never-ending list of all sorts of diets and military exercise programs to try and test and lose that weight, only to find yourself 3 months later not fitting in your skinny jeans!


How on Earth?!

Been there. Done that!

And then a logical question comes up for you, "Do I have to diet for life to maintain? Or what?"

That's a great question to ask yourself! However, many people give up too soon and agree to diet and count kcal on good and bad days, holidays and dinners at in-laws, spend their life in a gym just to stay slim...

But that's not everyone!

There's a fraction of people who start doubting the unsustainable solution diets provide when they remember someone in their circle who genuinely has zero thoughts about food and diets and stays slim with no effort. How is that possible?

I'm glad you asked!

This is the first step in claiming your power back and rebelling against the diet culture with its never-ending yo-yo cycle.

See, here's the deal:

As a weight loss coach, I'm thankful to evolution for at least one thing: (and it's not our screwed-up brain )it's our self-regulatory digestive system.

We all have our digestive hormones - ghrelin and leptin - that help us regulate our food intake UNLESS we try to override this system with diets, kcal apps, and meal plans. And let me give you an example to illustrate what I mean:

Remember yourself lying in bed with Covid/Flu/RSV or any virus of your choice! Were you hungry then? I bet you weren't! BUT since your kcal app/diet told you to eat 1600 kcal, you lifted your butt and went to the kitchen, even though you were not hungry! Your body was not asking for food because it was busy fighting a virus and didn't want to change focus. But you still insisted on eating, trying to override the system.

Now, remember when you were going on a hiking trip. Were you hungry after the hike? Hell, yes! But your diet told you to eat only 1600 kcal! So, you ate what you were allowed to eat and went to bed hungry! Again, this is a great example of us trying to override our system.

Stop it!

This system works fine! Evolution made the same digestive system for other animals, and it works fine for them! So, it does for us humans!

The only problem with us is that we don't trust our bodies so much that we absolutely need to use external controllers to control how much we eat!

So useless and ineffective! And dramatic!

But let me tell you what: for just one day, I want to invite you to try to rely on your own hunger and satiety signals just as an experiment! And I mean physical hunger and satiety. Not the emotional one!

That's where we fall through the cracks in weight loss: we confuse physical and emotional hunger and eat when we feel emotional, e.g., stressed, happy, sad, etc. So, just for one day, try to NOT eat emotionally, but only when you are physically hungry. I promise you will feel the difference!

This is how you can divorce from your diet/kcal app/etc. and lose weight by just relying on your body's wisdom! No woo-woo stuff, I promise!

If you want to learn more I give 15% off my paid program & the initial call is of course free!

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