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Why Expats are optimistic in 2022

Her Expat Life explores in-depth how successfully transitioned Expats are doing in this World of uncertainty and what this means for prospective expats as they ponder their move to a new country.

Some nations have dealt with the Pandemic in differing ways.

The UAE, for example, saw "An overwhelming majority (approximately 95%) reported that they were either seriously or moderately worried about the potential negative impacts of the Pandemic. The intensity of this worry was notably severe among 79.5% of the sampled expatriate residents" - science survey -

This significantly high percentage saw the UAE have extreme job uncertainty and caused instability in the expatriate community.

However, the Expat Explorer survey conducted by HSBC found that many Expats are happy in their settled new country and won't be returning home even though there is a Global Pandemic.

"Hope for the future is the main reason for sticking around, and despite the volatility presented by the Pandemic, 65% of expats feel optimistic about the year ahead—the Expat Explorer Survey Found. Optimism levels are highest in Taiwan, with 85% of respondents feeling hopeful. Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam closely followed this."

It does depend from country to country, so it is wise to do your research before you make a move. Wherever you are in the World or wherever you are thinking of going,

Here are our top tips for The Globally mobile to Secure Stability.

  1. Open an HSBC Expat Bank Account

The HSBC expat bank account - has a full range of services. HSBC has a unique expat banking service that allows you to have the same bank account even if you change countries. If there is a sudden need to change countries, for example, a sudden change of work, your bank account does not change and makes transitioning much easier! HSBC's expat is the perfect investment and expat opportunity for new and long-standing expatriates.

2. Obtain Expat Health Insurance

Insured Nomad is a global health insurance provider. No matter where you are in the World, you can access health insurance via Insure Nomad. If you are constantly on the move, relocating for the first time or have to move countries, this company brings peace of mind that you will always be able to access health care anywhere in the World!

Insured Nomad is a tech-based, forward-thinking health insurer with incredible benefits for expats.

3. Think about Global Investments - Wealth Assets

If you are relocating or are already an expat, investing creates a steady platform for the future. If you are unaware or unsure of how or why to invest, Portfolio investment funds from HSBC provide expert advice every step of the way.

4. Grow your Professional Network!

As the Pandemic has shut borders, forced people to change jobs, or even move countries, it is even more prevalent than ever to keep networking personally and professionally. Virtual events or attending webinars are a great way to meet like-minded people, or even better - host your webinar in your area or country for expatriates to connect!

5. Join Her Expat Life is a new, growing network and full serviced consulting agency to facilitate and empower women to take the lead in advancing their global lifestyle!

You may be an existing expatriate in need of some help or advice with a relocation or a newbie starting in moving to a new country.

We offer services that help you build a network, meet other expats on the ground and even find jobs and housing!

Sign up today and become a member at

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