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Why Co-Living is a good choice

Finding a community of like-minded people is more in demand as people adopt the digital nomadic and remote working lifestyle. As Digital nomads, expats and remote workers, we can all feel lonely in our work and life. The question most asked is, where can we start networking or connecting with people?

Co-living is a new popular culture that is an inclusive form of living, away from traditional renting forms. It's like hostels, as you share facilities, but it's more for working digital nomads rather than your average traveller. You will find fast-speed internet in co-living spaces, co-working areas, community-building activities, and events. The advantage of this way of living and working is that you can find your tribe, like-minded people that understand your lifestyle choice. It is easier to find friends and a community through co-living, and co-living spaces happen to be in gorgeous settings worldwide!

People can build business partnerships, share ideas and grow their network effectively while spending quality time together and enjoying fun activities that digital nomads like to do. Co-living provides a space that combats loneliness and allows for growth and development while forming safe, family-like communities anywhere in the world.

Here are Her Expat Life's reasons for choosing co-living spaces!

1: They encourage professional collaborative settings!

As a digital nomad, you are not a traveller; you are working and most likely have a business/ entrepreneurial mindset. Co-living attracts the same mentality and allows for professional business connections and development.

2: They thrive and allow for creativity, innovation & teamwork!

The design of the co-living concept is one of creativity, and as digital nomads, we are always looking for ways to innovate, break the mould and look for better solutions, whether in work, life or business. You can build a team, find a team, nurture a team and grow together freely.

3: It's affordable, flexible & convenient!

Long-term rentals are expensive and tie you down. They provide a base for digital nomads who want to explore, travel and move around while returning to the community at their leisure. Co-Living is a cheaper form with convenient leases.

4: Alleviate loneliness and instil a sense of community!

Digital nomads that have wandered a lot may need to find like-minded people to feel a connection, community and stability while they live this new, alternative and progressive lifestyle.

5: They inspire cultural shifts that emphasise experiences over economic consumption & ownership!

The Co-living concept is a more open form away from traditional rental agreements and tenant/landlord relationships, which seem restrictive and only for financial gain. Co-living lets you share experiences, learn from fellow members, and bond with the owners of the Co-living space, who have this new collaborative mindset of open working and living spaces.

At Her Expat Life, we are growing our co-living spaces network and collaborating with them globally. Her Expat Life will partner with co-living and co-working spaces while scouting the best female-friendly cafes for our clients and members. We aim to make your life easier as you advance your global lifestyle.

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