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Why choose Cadiz, Spain for your next digital nomad experience!

Cadiz is the oldest inhabited city in Europe and has a rich history, sweeping golden beaches, friendly people, lush green spaces, and a reasonable cost of living without the tourist crowds. Most foreigners are unaware of this friendly and sunny Spanish province that is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Cádiz as a destination as a province has an attractive quality of life for living and its worthwhile investment environment.

Here is Her Expat Life's top reasons for living and working as a digital nomad in Cadiz, Spain!

1. Enjoy an amazing lifestyle!

With a wonderful blend of old architecture, urban beaches and amazing food, Cadiz is an amazing, relaxing place. The beaches are massive and there are great waves, especially if you like surfing or bodyboarding. There are good bars and restaurants along the road that extends along the beach in Cadiz. Enjoy cycling around the City or enjoy boat rides, and boat parties along the coastline with relaxing weather and calm vibes.

2. Spring board to Northern Africa!

Cadiz is a great base for digital nomads looking for a central location to live and work. Then you can easily travel to and from northern Africa for weeks at a time. You can choose to settle in Cadiz and take trip to Egypt, Tunisia and further. With your new home in Cadiz, you are in a central location if you love to travel and explore.

3. Close to Morocco

You can go on a day trip from Spain to Moroccoyou can go on a day trip from Spain to Moroccoyou can go on a day trip from Spain to Moroccoyou can go on a day trip from Spain to Morocco You can go on a day trip from Spain to Morocco! In fact, you can travel by ferry to Morocco in less than 1 hour. There are frequent daily crossings from southern Spain's Tarifa to Tangier Ville and from Algeciras to Tanger Med.

4. Day trips to Portugal

You can take a bus from Cádiz to Lisbon! With Cadiz as your new home it is easy to take weekend trips to Portugal's Capital or coastal beachy towns like Tavira or Albufeira in the Southern Algarve.

5. Co working and Co Living spaces

There are many co working and co living spaces in Cadiz, Spain making it a perfect hub for digital nomads. Cádiz Co living spaces offer shared apartments for rent in some of the most vibrant neighbourhoods. With flexible leases, all-inclusive rent costs and furnished rooms, co-living spaces in Cádiz provide everything you need to settle in right away in your new apartment, whether you're planning to stay for just a few months or call it home.

At Her Expat Life have partnered with CoLiving El Palmar, Cadiz, Spain to bring you a Membership Discount: 15% Off. Become a member of Her Expat Life's Co Live and enjoy discounted rates as a digital nomad!

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