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What it takes to break into the C- suite as a female

It is a highly competitive work and business environment for females globally, with men being at the core of executive-level positions within large corporate companies and fore fronting the entrepreneurship game. It is traditional and long-standing that men have always been the dominant players in business and boardrooms. Women have slowly but surely obtained C- Suite positions, yet many feel the glass ceiling is here to stay.

'The proportion of women in senior organizational roles has been stuck at 24% for more than a decade '- John Ryan CCL President & CEO.

Many factors are contributing to women holding back from the C-suite. Gender inequality, double standards, inflexible organizational cultures and talent management practices are major blocks for women in a professional environment.

Organizations on a global scale need to shift their focus, ethos and culture to a more open and female supported outlook. Organizations need to recognize the female workforce, the potential for women in leadership and reach for growth on a global scale.

Antiquated modes of working and hierarchical business structures are standing in the way of female equality and progress.

Forty-one out of 500 CEOs are women, this is a cause for celebration, yet we need to see more women undertake C-suite roles and strive for female equality.

Her Expat Life has tips for women thinking of joining the C- suite.

  1. Surround yourself with thought-provoking, inspiring people. Your environment will breed prosperity and confidence or force you to follow the herd.

2. Seek out other successful, like-minded women.

3. Network professionally, attend events, speak at events and find ways to lead.

4. Devise a strategy and do your research - look at what other women who have already accomplished C- Suite status are doing, learn from them.

5. Hire a mentor or a life coach, someone who can help you figure out what areas you need to brush up on - whether you have imposter's syndrome or you feel you lack experience.

6. Don't be scared to think outside the box; a winning leader thinks differently while collectively supporting people.

7. The culture in organizations needs to shift with people already in the C- Suite advocating for women to consider applying for roles.

8. Join her Expat Life and become part of a female-empowering movement, supporting women to live their global lifestyles.

Women's career paths and entrepreneurial development are vital for global growth and change. As other women rise in their game, it inspires other women to achieve the same; It's impossible to do it alone, and finding like-minded people is essential; If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together - African Proverb.

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