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What Are Co-Work And Co-Live Spaces?

Women opting to live the digital nomadic & international lifestyle have been steadily on the rise for over a decade, with it set to increase rapidly with Millennial and Gen - Z's adopting and following in our footsteps.

Understanding the what, why and how to use Co-working & Co-living spaces is an evolving project that has expanded due to demand from the digital nomad community. The lack of community, loneliness and understanding from traditional forms of society left many digital nomads feeling rejected or displaced, seeking integration, belonging, acceptance and overall, community.

The development of coordinated and integrated Co-working and Co-living spaces is the shared spaces of living and working simultaneously with men and women who share the same vision, lifestyle and work ideals.

Forming a community of digital nomads, travellers, and international entrepreneurs bridged the gap of loneliness and misunderstanding into accepted unity. Co-working and Co-living spaces are in some of the world's most desirable and stunning settings.

Co-Working & Co-Living spaces offer a professional way of living away from noisy hostels and crowded cafes into affordable luxury and modern, quiet places for a productive workflow.

You can network and grow professionally while finding a community that becomes like family as you cook, work and retreat together. You will never have to feel alone, unheard or unaccepted again.

Establishing yourself in a Co-Working & Co-Living community means you can travel nearby and return to the same community of people, giving you a strong sense of belonging while fulfilling your travel desires.

Some spaces offer unique packages which include activities like yoga, pilates, and inclusive, mindful meditations for enlightened digital nomads that work hard on their health and overall well-being.

The fundamentals of this alternative yet rapidly adopted lifestyle are catered for and more. You will learn from your surroundings and from like-minded people or women and men who have done extraordinary things with their life that will encourage expansion of your overall mindset.

If you are unsure you will integrate well into Co-Working & Co-Living spaces, they offer short-stay packages or even free trial days.

Living conditions range from upmarket professional hostel-style shared rooms to private rooms with shared facilities that are as modern and luxurious as living in a hotel at an affordable price. Staying for months on end for an extremely low cost makes this the best option for downsizing your life, outgoings as you say goodbye to high rent, lengthy contracts from landlords and societal pressures which drain your bank account.

You will have more freedom and flexibility to design your lifestyle. Enjoy more friends and work opportunities, travel, and bask in beautiful parts of the world while waking up to sunrises and sunsets.

Life is about building lasting memories & experiences, not being stuck in old dogmatic routines that starve wonderment, creativity, and joy.

Embrace, invest and enjoy this ever-evolving lifestyle of Co-Work & Co-Live as you travel the world.

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