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Weight Loss Fitness Retreats 2022!

As women, we are always looking for a new or different way to get healthy, kick start our weight loss journey or overhaul our entire lifestyle. 2022 is the era of fitness, wellness and weight loss camps or luxurious retreats. Immerse yourself in a fitness holiday, surrounded by personal trainers, nutritionists and weight loss specialists to rebuild your life, feel better and look great!

Here is Her Expat Life's Top Weight Loss Fitness Retreats 2022!

Where: Bali, Costa Rica, and Portugal

Imagine a vacation in paradise filled with healthy living, exercise and adventure. These intimate and informal itineraries are designed to be shared with like-minded souls in some of the world's beautiful locations.

Your decision is where?

Where: Marbella, Spain

38 Degrees North provides the space, time, and experiences to help you reset your coordinates. They offer corporate and executive holidays in Ibiza and Cornwall. 38 Degrees North is one of the more extreme fitness camps for adults. With retreats in both Ibiza and Marbella, the four-day retreats include a sunrise fasted HIIT session, breakfast, lunch, and dinner intermixed with outdoor functional training, stretching, kettlebell training, boxing, yoga, and nutritional workshops. This is perfect for a complete makeover of your life.

Where: Thailand, Bali, Spain, Sri Lanka

Choose from four stunning destinations. You can expect a paradise retreat with exceptional accommodation options and an all-service

experience. We work with you to get your body to the healthiest it has ever been, with specially catered diets designed by nutritionists to boost your body with natural energy, to a variety of exercises to help you have fun and feel exhilarated.

Where: Nosara, Costa Rica

Are you looking for an alternative way to stay fit? Safari Surf School offers authentic surf vacations, accommodations, surfing lessons, and local experiences in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Safari Surf School is the perfect way to see some beautiful parts of the world while getting in shape through surfing.

Where: Sayulita, Mexico (+ Costa Rica and Portugal destinations)

A typical day at Point Break Retreats starts with a healthy organic breakfast. Enjoy an Extension Method Ballet Fitness Class at the open-air studio followed by free time poolside or relaxing in the hammock with a post-workout smoothie. In the afternoon, surf coaching, therapeutic massages, Mexican lunch, and unwind into the evening with a sunset ballet stretch class. Enjoy a healthy dinner and salsa classes.

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