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Unveiling the Power of the Law of Attraction: A Conversation with Karys Ann, Fulfilment Coach!

Step into the realm of manifestation and personal transformation as we sit down with Karys Ann, a seasoned Law of Attraction practitioner and fulfilment coach. In this exclusive interview, Karys shares her insights, experiences, and practical tips on harnessing the power of the universe to manifest your deepest desires and live a life of abundance and fulfilment. Join us as we delve into the secrets behind the Law of Attraction and uncover the keys to unlocking your true potential.

1: Can you tell us more about your journey of self-discovery and how you found your

purpose in coaching?

It all started about 4 years ago when I trained to be a Turn’d Up Fitness dance instructor I was taught about self-development, the Law of Attraction, and meditation to be in your best mental and physical state to deliver an incredible experience for our class members. I developed a huge interest in LOA and wanted to keep learning more. Before this, I hadn’t done any work on myself, I had no real idea what I wanted out of life, or who I was, and felt like I was plodding along just living my life around my husbands. Through Turn’d Up Fitness I discovered something that I was so passionate about, having loved dancing for years, but that added to empowering women, changing their lives physically and mentally gave me such joy and knew that there was more to life than working in the project manager role that I had been in for years. My husband and I decided to make the temporary move to Australia shortly after I had completed my Turn’d Up Fitness training and this is when the true self-discovery began. Moving away from all my family, friends and everything I had ever known was a huge deal for me, paired with being stuck in Australia during COVID-19 was difficult, so it forced me for the first time to spend time alone, enjoy my own company, and do some self-exploration to find out what my true purpose was. I loved being a Turn’d Up instructor, especially coaching other instructors but knew there was more I could do to empower women. Coaching was introduced to me through a friend, so I enquired about a course and started training at a foundation level. As soon as I had started learning I got obsessed, just like I did with LOA and it just felt right. I also had an inspired idea come to me one evening as I was falling asleep whilst being away on a campervan trip with my husband. The name for my coaching business, (KANN Coaching - combining my first initial and middle name) and a long list of podcast episode titles (coming soon!) came to me, and from that moment I just KNEW this is what I needed to do. When I look back at every single job I’ve been in, the training I’ve completed has all led to here to coaching - and specifically, Law of Attraction because I’ve seen so many moments of magic in my life, and I want to help other women realise they KANN truly make their life whatever they want it to be! I’ve always wanted to help people and somehow have a natural ability for people to open up to me, and come to me for advice so here we are!

2: How do you help female expats who are feeling lost to find their purpose and start living

the life of their dreams?

My coaching programs, although structured, are bespoke to my client's needs so the first session is a 2-2.5 hour deep dive clarity session to confirm exactly the areas of their lives that require the most focus and where they want to develop. Throughout the program we explore values, past experiences, reprogramming your focus, the power of positivity, boundary & intention setting, goal planning, visualisation & manifesting, discovering who they are, their true desires & belief systems and things that may be holding them back from achieving the life they truly want. All sessions are backed by the Law of Attraction practices imbedded so that the clients begin to see coincidences appearing during the program, using visualisation & NLP techniques to connect them to their true desires. I honestly believe that when you find your purpose the universe has a way of making your path easier, clearer and things will start falling in your lap! My number 1 goal for each session with my clients is to HAVE FUN! Having fun and generating the frequency of joy is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make your manifestation come into your reality!

3: What are some common limiting beliefs that you have seen among your clients and how

do you help them overcome these beliefs?

One of the most common limiting beliefs that have come up with my clients is that they believe that asking for what they want and not setting boundaries is selfish. This is a huge misconception that comes along with people-pleasing tendencies. When we are people-pleasing, all we are doing is handing over power to someone else, and building up resentment in the body which could later lead to disease. We explore the true meaning of selfishness and debunk this belief with proof on how they are not that.

Another common belief that is holding them back is that they are not good enough to go after that thing they want. I think this is something we all have at points in our lives, and in my program, we debunk these belief systems and rewrite them with a new belief system which is helpful for their growth.

4: What is the Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction is a universal law (just like the Law of gravity, although not as widely believed), that is based around our energy and that what we give out is what we attract into our lives. Ask and you’ll receive, so if you can focus your attention on the things you want instead of the things you don’t want (ie worrying about all the worst-case scenarios), the more that thing will come into your life. Be kind and you’ll receive kindness. Give love and you’ll receive love etc. When I discovered this theory it honestly changed my life and Quantum physics backs this up proving that between every cell is energy which is another reason why I love this topic as it’s not just 'woo woo' any more! When you think about something and feel something you give off a frequency of energy just like a radio station and just like a beacon the signal you give out is what comes back to you. I truly believe that every single thought, word action creates your reality, so if you can control and focus your mind you can have anything you wish. To me it’s really simple, don’t think about what you don’t want, just think about what you DO want (quoted by the late great Bob Proctor)

5: Can you share a success story of a client who was able to transform their life after

working with you?

I love these questions! There have been so many transformations and ah-ha moments throughout my sessions. My favourite transformation was with client Sarah* who on her very first session was feeling really overwhelmed, and worried about being in control of her life with a child on the way. In her first session, there was a huge pile of worries, things to do, nothing was going right. Work was stressful and she was barely sleeping. Fast forward to 12 weeks of coaching, and her final session was like a repeat of the survey she did on week 1 of the program. Everything she said she wanted to feel she was feeling, everything she said she wanted to do she was doing. She had reduced and changed her work hours, set clear boundaries to stop giving her energy away to other people, was excited for her future with her family, felt in control of her life with a hugely positive mindset, set a consistent morning & evening routine and most importantly, she had connected to her WHY - the reason why she is on this planet and what she is here to do and has started pursuing that dream already volunteering as a mentor at a women’s charity.

6: How do you balance your day job as a 'Project Manager' with your coaching work and

other passions?

This is a biggy for me! It does sound like a lot of things to balance, and it is but when I’m coaching and teaching Turn’d Up Fitness, those things actually give me MORE energy to keep going because I am so passionate about them both. It helps that my day job as a project manager is pretty cool too with flexible working conditions with a super supportive team. I maintain a small manageable 1:1 client base to ensure I can give my full attention and energy to my clients, and I will be soon launching a group coaching program so that I can reach and help more women.

7: What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to take the first step towards

pursuing their dreams?

The thought of doing the first step is honestly WAY more scary than actually doing it! I like to have a 123 GO policy with my clients, less thinking, more doing and imperfect action wins every time. You’ll never feel ready, it’s not a feeling, it’s a doing! You don’t want to look back on your life when you’re 80 regretting that you didn’t do any of the things you wanted to do. You only live this life once, so make the most of it and make it fun!

8: What have been some of the challenges you have faced along the way and how did you

overcome them?

As with most people my biggest challenge has been within myself. Going into a new business venture is always scary as shiz, especially as a coach when you’re trying to help other people, my inner negative Nancy and doubt monster was honestly feral at times, so I really worked on my belief system and got myself a coach, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I would not be where I am now and so confident about my vision for the future of helping 1000’s of women, without that! Meditation has always been a saviour for me too to help me connect to my true source of power and my higher self!

9: If a female has already lived the expat life, returned home and is now lost, unable to

reintegrate and is feeling immensely stuck – how would you help them? What advice would

give them?

The first thing I would say is to remember why you left and why you came back. Connect back to who you are at the source first, go deep, find out your likes and dislikes, what you used to love to do as a kid, and do more of those things. If you focus your attention on finding and doing the things that bring you joy, you will cultivate more joy and the direction will just appear for you. I would always use meditation as a go-to! Bob Proctor is one of my favourites.

10: How do you incorporate the 'Law of Attraction' principles in your coaching sessions?

The first thing I do in sessions is to help clients reprogram their focus on to those things they DO want, so if someone comes to me saying they "don’t like their job, they don’t want to feel sad any more” I’ll get them to express how they want to feel, and explore a time when they have felt that way. I use visualisation practices to connect to each of the senses and the feelings they want to cultivate regularly to start attracting what they want into their lives more quickly. I have a heavy focus on gratitude practices which also helps reprogram their focus and will ensure that any limitations they have put on themselves are removed - DREAM BIG as you’ll only get what you ask for!

Thanks so much for having me on the blog. If anyone wants to find out more about my 1:1 other group coaching program (which is released for early sign-up to my expat life followers only) you can contact me at or book a complimentary discovery call via my website

As a gift, you can download a copy of my free e-book here to learn more about finding your purpose and attracting your dream life.

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