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Travel Hacks from Sarah Cash, Digital Nomad and Expert Educator!

In a world where travel can often seem like a luxury reserved for the few, Sarah Cash is changing the game. A seasoned digital nomad and travel expert, Sarah has mastered the art of turning points and miles into unforgettable adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler looking to stretch your budget or a curious newbie eager to explore the globe, Sarah’s insights are a treasure trove of valuable tips and strategies.

1. What inspired you to start your journey as a digital nomad and points and miles

educator, and how did you overcome any initial challenges you faced?

Since I can remember, I've always wanted to travel and connect with people from other cultures. When I studied abroad at 17, that's when my nomad journey began in one way. I think I've always wanted to be a nomad in that sense, but obviously points and miles came later. Almost ten years ago, I was looking for ways to travel more cheaply, and that's when I started learning about how to use points & miles to fund my flights. Early on, finances were the biggest challenge and I got around that by being creative: doing dog sits, saving up, and working abroad.

2. Can you share your top three tips for women who are just starting to explore the

world of travel hacking with points and miles?

My top 3 tips would be:

  1. It can be a lot so start small. Make sure you're never carrying a balance on your credit cards, and make sure the card(s) you use earns transferable points, like the American Express Gold or the Capital One Venture X. 

2. Get the card that earns the most points in the categories you spend on vs. the card you see everyone talking about. 

3. Make sure you know the benefits that come with the card and use all of them. These cards often have annual fees (that can be very much worth it) so make sure you get your money's worth :)

3. What are some of the most rewarding experiences you've had as a female traveller

and entrepreneur, and how have they shaped your career?

Meeting people on the road is definitely the most rewarding thing you'll experience. Sharing meals and beautiful moments, like helping build a human tower with the Castellers of Barcelona, are the ones I'll never forget.

4. How do you balance your professional responsibilities with your passion for travel,

and what advice would you give to women looking to do the same?

I won't lie- this might be the hardest bit. I think the important thing to remember is that this balance - or lack of it- is always ebbing and flowing. Sometimes I work a lot, and don't get to explore as much. But I make sure to take care of myself so that when I do have time, I have the energy to see and connect with wherever I'm located.

5. What are some common misconceptions about earning and redeeming travel points

and miles, and how can beginners avoid these pitfalls?

I think a big misconception is that you'll go into debt. As long as you're paying your balance in full every month, there's no reason you can't use points & miles for your flights and even hotels and experiences. But it's definitely not worth going into debt for so don't pursue this if that's a risk for you.

6. Can you describe a moment during your travels when you felt particularly

empowered or inspired, and how did that impact your personal or professional life

I don't remember what happened exactly, but I remember I was having a bad day. And the thought crossed my mind that even though I was having a rough time, I would choose my nomad lifestyle with the rough times over a different lifestyle. Every time :) It gave me perspective to persevere and follow what's truly important to you.

7. What strategies do you use to stay productive and motivated while working remotely

from different locations around the world?

Can I say my pay check ? :) Of course an income helps, but I think it actually starts with having a job or career that intrinsically motivates you, so that even when you're a bit lack luster, there's that pull to keep going. That and a good night's sleep!

8. How do you leverage your travel experiences to grow your business and connect with

other entrepreneurs in the travel industry?

 I talk to people all day long for my job so I think it's just through that natural rapport that I'm able to use my travel & points and miles experience equally to mutually reinforce expertise, depending on what the person needs help with. I also like connecting with other entrepreneurs via social media, and sometimes even in person.

9. What are some of your favourite destinations for female solo travellers, and why do

you recommend them?

I don't think anywhere is off limits (although certain countries have political or other limitations to entry). Scotland is a place I always return to and have been there many times on my own. It's very safe & lovely to go for a stroll, even in the evening.

10. How do you handle financial planning and budgeting as a digital nomad, and what

advice do you have for women looking to sustain long-term travel and


Know your financial strengths & weaknesses. For me, I spend money easily but to balance that, I often take care of animals in exchange for accommodation, so I don't spend as much in that category. It's a give and take that you need to be comfortable with, whatever your own habits are. 

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