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Top Female-Friendly Expat Destinations!

As female expats and digital nomads, we are primarily alone by choice. We choose to live this extraordinary path of work, travel and adventure, carving out undiscovered roads in countries almost unheard of. It can sometimes feel dangerous and unsafe as we walk alone through breathtaking scenery, yet this is the lifestyle we want.

At Her Expat Life, we have experience as female travellers and as solo female digital nomads. We have a list of our top female-friendly expat destinations where you will be sure to feel safe, welcomed in by the foreign culture, and, of course, have some fun!

1: Bali, Indonesia

Bali has become a top destination for female digital nomads with the recent release of the digital nomad visa, allowing people to live and work there tax-free. Bali's attractive incentives are the co-working and co-living spaces creating a vibrant and diverse community where females can connect with like-minded people.

The beach clubs, cafes, nightlife and the best surfing the world has to offer are a fun antidote to living there, and the endless Balinese cultural activities make Bali a place you could call home!

2: Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon offers everything that a person seeks while working in a foreign country. Good internet connection, close to nature, curious and delicious food, lovely weather, exciting culture, and cheap rent! Lisbon has shot up through the ranks this year as the hot destination for female nomads, travellers and expats!

3: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is and will always be a top destination for female solo travellers for its welcoming culture, friendly people, relaxed lifestyle and south-east Asian food. You will find everything you need in Chiang Mai from cafes, good wifi, co-working spaces, cheap cost of living and cultural activities to keep you occupied! Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, set in a beautiful Thai jungle, surrounded by temples and waterfalls, has a solid digital nomadic community of wanderers, travellers and people looking for an alternative peaceful lifestyle.

4: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a place for all types of digital nomads. It's one of the best cities in Germany and home to many different cultures and offers varied lifestyles. With a young population, it's always alive and promises many opportunities for every digital nomad.

5: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the place for you with the vibrant cultural scene, stunning architecture, and almost year-round sunshine. You can enjoy the sun, sea, sand, and an eclectic and exciting city atmosphere in the Catalan capital.

Co-working spaces have sprung up with a community that supports connections and ways of life