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Top Cities Worldwide For Female Digital Nomads!

As a solo female digital nomad, it's essential to find a community of like-minded people we can connect with and perhaps collaborate. There is no better place to do that than in some of the best cities in the world. There are new Co-Working spaces to explore and cafe's dedicated to giving you a productive and comfortable work environment along with a culture and a lifestyle to suit everyone's needs.

Here is Her Expat Life's Top Cities For Female Digital Nomads!


For female digital nomads, Barcelona is a European hidden gem! It has the beauty of authentic architecture at its centre, beaches near by and sprawling mountains surrounding the city. There is an ease to Barcelona with amazing transport links which makes navigating the city effortless and accessible. The Cafe culture is huge, along with new Co Working spaces which make working and taking breaks for cultural sightseeing effortless. You can pack so much in to your day as a female digital nomad in Barcelona that you will never get bored. There is a strong community of expats and digital nomads for networking, hanging out with and you will be sure to make friends. Rent for accommodation is quite pricey in the central part of the city, however Barcelona has hidden, gorgeous suburbs that are cheaper!


Situated in the Middle East is Dubai, a fun, safe and exciting Arabic City! Rich in culture, beautiful people and a glamorous lifestyle, Dubai for digital nomads has become accessible with the release of the new Digital Nomad Visa, people can freely stay, work and live. It is costly tho and having a secure job is a must before going there. Dubai offers solo females a buzzing community and lifestyle that will make you want to put down roots!

Mexico City

A sprawling metropolis, Mexico City has a lot to offer female digital nomads, with incredible Co working spaces open 24 hours a day. Mexico City has an amazing sociable community of like minded people and of course a rich deep history of culture and architecture to wonder at on your lunch break or take afternoon walking tours with your new friends. Enjoy an incredible nightlife with this welcoming nation and dance the night away with THE best cocktails the world has to offer. Mexico City may not be for a long time but for female digital nomads it can be a fun stop along the road for a couple of months to work and enrich your life with this diverse culture. You will be sure to make new meaningful connections for work, life and friendship. As a female solo digital nomad you should feel relatively safe.


If you are on the look out for a colourful, curious culture to live and work in then Istanbul is your place! Rich in diversity, both architecturally, landscape and uniqueness, Istanbul will never bore you with a blend of Asian and European influence. From a business perspective, Istanbul has the largest port for exporting and importing textiles and many more products. It is ever evolving with ancient roots at its core creating an enchanting and beautiful back drop for your digital nomad lifestyle. Cost of living is quite moderate in comparison to the US or The UK and you can enjoy an amazing cafe culture of stylish Turkish Coffee, food and drinks. Prepare to grow, learn and connect with a range of people looking to do business, many entrepreneurs in Istanbul and of course to form friendships. As a solo female, Istanbul is becoming safer.

Book a week in Her Life 'Go See Experience' and figure out if that city is best for you before you settle. Live like a local for a week, shadow a fellow expat. See if the city has what you want out of life!

​​Connect and socialize with other women who share your professional and personal interests.

Learn how to navigate local bureaucracy. Discover the local nightlife and social organizations.

​Emjoy an introduction to the best shops for food, clothes, household goods, and more. Learn how to navigate public transportation, taxi, and motorbikes. Dine at local restaurants, cafes, brunch spots, and more. Immerse into the local culture, language, and society.

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