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This is a Man’s World! …But it would mean NOTHING without a woman or a girl!

If you have ever travelled or lived abroad, you come to learn and see in most countries the cultural norms that men still hold power, strength and respect over women, which are woven into society the world over. unspoken cultural etiquette -

It can be tricky as a western woman, particularly, to feel like you have the same rights as men or the same freedom or luxurious lifestyles as men who can readily obtain relationships, opulent or grandeur housing and transport and respect in entrepreneurship and the business sector.

Many women expats, travellers, digital nomads, teachers and businesswomen can feel like their place in the working world abroad is not well looked upon, entering entrepreneurship or even simply travelling. Somehow it can seem like we are crazy, unsettled or weird - all judgements of men who settle in quickly to the expatriate lifestyle, marry into the culture and seem to strive and succeed.

It takes a lot for a woman to gain the courage to stand out in the world alone; it is achievable, your confidence and backbone will grow, and you will feel accomplished the more you live the expatriate lifestyle.

Her Expat Life designs a life to empower women to take the lead in their life and to feel worthy of their place in the world as expatriates.

Here are our top tips for empowering women

1. Seek out other women in your new city!

Expatriate women can be the most fun, understanding and open people you will ever meet as the diversity of backgrounds, cultures and walks of life collide. Speak to local women, learn from them and build strong connections. They will become your biggest ally, cheerleader and friend.

2. Go to networking events parties and socialise

The more events and networks you pursue, the more your confidence will grow. Take ownership, speak at events in your area of expertise, go to after conference social events, hand out business cards and mingle with your new network. Say yes to social engagements, birthday dinners, beach parties or even baby showers. It will help you build a wider connective circle and solid foundations for building an expat life.

3. Play to your strengths

Are you a fantastic cook, love to bake, or an avid runner? Gather your new friends and do something fun that you feel confident in doing. Host a dinner party, arrange a charity fun run or go sightseeing in your new city.

4. Do the inner work

As women, we all come with our emotional baggage, worries and idealistic lives. Perhaps you have had some troubles in your life and find it hard to make friends or carry old wounds. Doing the inner work to clear out the past's old habits or emotional patterns will make way for new, exciting connections with female expats.

Meditation is good, and you can also access guided meditation in most cities worldwide! - also another great way to meet people, join the yoga community or try something out of your comfort zone :)

5. Travel alone

Even if it's just a short trip outside of your central city, it will boost your confidence, widen your ability to travel and you will feel fulfilled in wonderment, connection and growth.

Connect with Her Expat Life, join our community and use our services to advance your global lifestyle.

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