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The Ukraine War Crisis - Countries helping Ukrainian Refugees!

As the horrific scenes of the Russian - Ukraine war unfolded on our television screens, many could not sit back and do or say nothing as families torn apart fled for their lives, innocent people killed and no sign of the war ending.

Women and children bargain to find refuge in neighbouring countries with only the clothes on their backs. It is clear that this is a humanitarian crisis, and some might say 'war crimes' impacting women and children.

The dangers impacting women caught in the conflict is becoming heightened. 'An estimated 80,000 women in Ukraine will give birth in the next three months, and many of them are without access to adequate maternal healthcare. In addition, 12,000 of those 80,000 women will require life-saving emergency obstetric and newborn care for complications in pregnancy. ' -

It is now clear that over a million Ukrainians have fled to nearby countries.

Her Expat Life has highlighted the countries offering support to Ukrainians at this time of great need.


Turkey has shown a quick response to Ukrainian refugees and is becoming one of the most flexible countries for Ukrainians. They only need to present their national ID cards to enter the country.

The Ukrainian embassy inside Turkey is working hard to offer the refugees social protection once they arrive.


Poland has been overwhelmed with Refugees and has pulled all its resources with local businesses offering food, supplies and shelter to Ukrainians in need.

We know that refugees at different stages of their stay in Poland will need further support. In the beginning, it is mostly transport, accommodation, and psychological support. The next step is settling down, finding work and integrating with Polish society. We want to provide support at all these stages," he says. -


Germany has opened its borders and has easy access for Ukrainians with no visa applications needed in this time of desperation; people are helping Ukrainian refugees and opening their doors, offering supplies and shelter.


Many Ukrainians have fled to Romania since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. They have been met with support from volunteers and organisations across the country, while civic action groups have been established to raise funds and send aid to those still in Ukraine. Remus Gabriel Anghel and Ruxandra Trandafoiu argue that the mobilisation of ordinary citizens to help those in need offers a glimpse of the potential of Romanian civil society. -

Her Expat Life Team supports the women of the Ukraine who are displaced and those affected from the Ukraine - Russia war conflict. We are actively looking for ways to create ease and advance their lifestyle any way we can. Get in touch today -

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