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The importance of female role models!

Contrary to popular belief, more women are taking on roles overseas and looking for higher-ranking positions. Women still face challenges, setbacks and inequality. The necessity of female role models in business and life is vital for female progression, gender equality and to accumulate a thriving female expat community.

'Research shows that role models have three core benefits for women: role models represent and expand what is possible, inspire women to be more ambitious and aim higher, and demonstrate the mindsets and behaviours on how to grow.'

Seeking out successful women who have accomplished great things professionally through networking events or by joining their webinars are all ways to start building a portfolio and learning from these incredible women. Every woman has a story to tell on their road to success, and the need for more female entrepreneurs, women of the C- Suite and small business owners are required to showcase our potential as females to the world.

Supporting other women's success cultivates a strong growth dynamic; by growing your network, doors can open anywhere in the world. Or perhaps you will feel inspired to open up your own business, employ people and build your own brand.

Don't let gender stand in the way for reaching your potential or dreams of living an international lifestyle. It can seem like international hiring favours men and thus deters women from applying or even trying for fear of failure. Pursuing females who already work internationally through Linkedin, events, and expat groups/forums are avenues to meet the perfect female role model.

Female expatriate role models are geared toward helping other women live a life of international employment in male-dominated industries and pave the way for other women to make a move.

The do's and don'ts are easily obtained from female expatriates as they can guide you through immigration processes, securing jobs and even buying property in foreign markets. International companies are changing the way they hire and slowly making progressive moves to a fairer corporate world. The development of female-centric businesses is also developing rapidly and are constantly seeking fresh female talent and creativity.

If you are a female entrepreneur or working at a female-led startup, make yourself known by building your portfolio or following online. Offer seminars, workshops, meet-ups and shadow/mentor other women.

Stand up and be the role model for females in your community!

Maybe you are new to the expat and digital nomad world and have advice or story to tell. Sharing experiences and knowledge is one step in empowering other women to take the leap into their global lifestyle.

Here at Her Expat Life, we are a global mobility firm enabling women to live international lives, work, and move abroad. We are a strong community of female entrepreneurs, female digital nomads, mothers and equality fighters. Become a member, sign up to our private facebook page and join our community!

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