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The Growing Complexity Of Global Mobility!

As Business, technological & demographic demands evolve, so does the global mobility landscape. The old traditional forms of local versus international approach are replaced with diversity, openness and systematical moves to implement growth. HR personnel will face several mobility management challenges along the way to successful inclusive hiring practices. Emerging global mobility dilemmas are born out of the frustrating ideals versus the limitations of reality.

Here Are Her Expat Life's Top Concerns Facing Global Mobility:

1: Adapting To Millennial Needs

The Millennial generation is the most willing and receptive to moving abroad for career opportunities. However, their desires come with different demands. Global hubs of the world attract millennials, yet the countries that need them most may not be on their list, causing distribution and expectation disparity. It is up to the companies to devise attractive offers that pull Millennials in, such as work-life balance, career progression and lifestyle.

2: Support Female And Minority Talent

Actively participating as a collective organisation to fill the diversity and global mobility gap will fulfil your business's strategic growth. Eradicating discrimination and focusing on inclusive minority groups, and hiring women for their skills will contribute to breaking the career glass ceiling. Employers need to look into diversifying their global mobility opportunities and offering them transparently to their female employees with lucrative and accommodating packages.

3: Become More Adaptable

The global mobility landscape is having to adapt to fit the needs of the 'New Work force' of freelancers, self-employed and expatriate project workers. These forms of new employees may be drafted in for specific projects on a short-term contract which is likely to change the global mobility hiring platform radically. Companies quickly adopting this flexible flow state will likely reach higher levels of growth and stature on the international business platform.

4: Securing Talent

The talent war within global mobility centres around companies, their integrated HR hiring system, and the country's culture. Serious issues like ethnicity, nationality and gender gap all play a part in hindering global mobility progression and securing the best talent out there. All problems and solutions need to be addressed by the business itself to attract and win talent!

5: Focus On Internal Team Progression

Fairer hiring practices and inclusiveness of women will internally enable your team to be more collaborative as women come with differing negotiable strengths. Diverse corporate culture is one that looks at the strength of the individual's skills rather than her ethnicity, for example. Promoting mobility as part of your corporate initiative is crucial as an incentive for fairer career progression.

6: It's Your Chance To Break The Mould!

As a corporate business on the global platform or even a localised startup, it lies within your business structure and hiring practices to advance your reputation as a facilitator for global mobility change. Every business, large or small, can lead the way by offering packages, lifestyle, and desirable corporate culture to attract and build a robust, forward-thinking company.

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