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The backup plan - when your dream expat life falls through!

As aspiring expats or established expats looking to move, we all have that dream ideal life, the dream location or dream job that motivates us to move. Perhaps you have tried to live the expat life. Yet, it didn't go to plan? There are so many factors that stop the dream expat life from happening.

You didn't get the job you wanted; your visa was rejected or run out? There were problems with immigration; it's too expensive to live there; I don't know anyone who lives there.

But I don't want to be at home; I want a better life for myself, I want to do something different with my life.

It's wise to have an expat backup plan, a secondary choice of place to live and work, to live an expat lifestyle that creates adventure, new experiences and connections. Yes, it's brutal and gut-wrenching when the dream life doesn't work out; your expat life seems broken like you will never get another chance, but there are so many countries and cities on this earth that it's sensible to keep your options open.

Here is Her Expat Life's expat backup plan:

1: List the top countries you would like to live in as an expat.

Do your research on several cities or countries that could be potential new expat homes.

2: Research & plan all possible careers, including retraining or skilling up to undertake the position in all countries on your list. What is the most popular job for expats in that particular country?

3: What are the immigration laws? Are there specific expat visas? Is it easy to obtain a work permit? (a widespread expat problem.) Getting in touch with immigration and gathering as much information as possible sets you up with knowledge instead of blindly entering a country and ending in visa trouble.

4: Join a community online or forums and ask questions about what it's like to live there. Many people in the expat world have 'been there done that' and can offer their experience and advice if you reach out and network before you go.

5: Sign up for 'Her Expat Life.'

Her Expat Life provides services and a community to help with expat living, advancing your global expat lifestyle, and helping to transition you into your new city quickly.

Our initial service: Expat Prep Chat, enables you to plan with an expat professional.

Ready to start your expat journey? Don't know where to start? Let's chat! Book your 60 min session with an experienced expat NOW! Speak with a Her Expat Life Consultant to discuss your dreams and ideas to live an expat lifestyle.

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