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Safety Tips Abroad For Long Term Security!

As expats, we live all over the world! Developing global mindsets comes naturally to the expat community; the world can seem like a village where we can connect, travel and live wherever we want. Your safety can seem like something you have covered. You'll be fine. You have been fine in the past, so there is no need to worry. However, the world is still fraught with petty crime in every country, and things do happen when you least expect them.

Here are our main safety tips for long term security wherever you choose to live in the world!

Choosing your apartment

It's always comforting, speaking from experience, having a security guard on-site at your apartment building. As a female and sometimes living on my own, it gives me peace of mind to know there is someone I can call if anything were to happen. Having apartment buildings that are secure via the door system is also crucial. Doors that only open with keys for residents and intercom systems are vital attributes to safe buildings.

If living in a house or bungalow, an alarm gated system will provide you and your family with a sense of security. A wired system that surrounds your entire home or even gated communities (in high crime countries like South Africa) is necessary.

Safety for belongings

Being an expat, we often become more relaxed in our surroundings as the new city becomes home; we may have expensive bags, camera's and phones on show as we go about our daily business.

Keeping your belongings safe may seem second nature to the seasoned traveller, nomad and expat.

However, petty crimes such as bag snatching still occur across the world. It's a good idea to buy wallets that fit underneath your clothes and can belt around your waist for passport, credit cards and cash - it will feel strange at first and then become second nature to wear the hidden wallet.

Personal Safety

You could be new to a neighbourhood, feeling uneasy at night alone, or getting a weird vibe from a stranger on the bus in your new city. As expat women, we sometimes are in situations that can feel unsafe or leave women feeling vulnerable.

Learning self-defence such as Kit Mcgraw, kickboxing or even Muay Thai is an excellent way of picking up some basic techniques to defend yourself in an unlikely situation.

It can seem daunting to join some of these classes, but meeting new people or going with a friend is fun. It keeps you fit, alert and strong!

Travel insurance

Investing in Travel Insurance through a global company like InsuredNomad is an excellent and quick way to cover your possessions while living abroad. If your phone gets stolen or you lose your expensive camera, having access to travel insurance may seem costly at the time, but it does become intelligent and necessary.

Her Expat Life

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