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Recession proof careers!

As the global economy enters a down turned phase, careers, jobs, and small businesses are taking a real hit with the cycle of uncertainty in our midst. The need for stability has never been greater, and people who are facing adversity or layoffs are seeking a career of lifelong professional security & satisfaction. Choosing an industry that is deemed 'essential' will bring just that, a long life of career solidity. Even in hard economic recessions, there will always be a demand and a need. You may need to skill up or learn new ways of working in order to succeed in these economic-proof professions, but it will surely pay off later in life.

Here is Her Expat Life; we have the top 'recession-proof careers'

1: HealthCare Profession

You are guaranteed job security in the medical and health sector. People will always need medical attention. Moving into a career such as a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist will always be in demand.

The mental health and substance abuse councillors also see a steady consistency of work or sometimes more during weakened economic times. Caring for the elderly will always be sought after as the population ages and lives longer they need assistance, thus encouraging people to work with the elderly for guaranteed job security.

Yes, you may need to retrain, which can be costly and takes a long time, but if you are looking for job security, this is certainly a profession to get into. Some level entry positions may only need you to have a course or certificate which is easily obtained over a year or two.

2: Financial services

Careers like an accountant or financial business assistants, or even investors will always be in need; therefore, job security is ensured. Gaining qualifications and retraining are beneficial and also networking and securing an internship are all ways to get into the financial industry for job safety and satisfaction.

3: Education services

Teaching is an easy profession to get into or classroom assistant or even TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language). There will always be a need for teachers anywhere in the world. Acquiring a broad base of foundational knowledge in areas of education will set you up for success in many specialised careers where you can make a more significant impact. You can work in School counselling, educational leadership, special education, education technology, educational psychology or adult education.

4: Law

Working in any aspect of Law will always be required, even during economic recessions. You don't need to train to be a fully-fledged lawyer; you can work in many aspects within the Law sector, such a 'Paralegals' and legal assistants who help lawyers prepare for hearings, trials, and corporate meetings. To enter the Law sector, it is best to complete a Bachelor's Degree Program. A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for admission to law school.

5: IT/Tech Industry

Information technology (IT) professionals are responsible for helping organisations maintain their digital infrastructure and providing troubleshooting assistance to technology consumers. IT employees are in demand to help others keep up with technological advances and security procedures. As we move further and further into a digitalised world, the need and demand for IT professionals will always grow before offering job security. You will need to gain some qualifications or skills and the ability to work well with others. Knowledge of computer operating systems, hardware and software, and engineering science and technology is required through studying or learning through internships.

Become a member of Her Expat Life and enjoy our international jobs board. To thrive as a female expat or digital nomad your financial wellness matters. Having a job and/or stable income streams will determine your ability and quality of life as a foreigner. Finding work abroad is the number one barrier for foreigners, and we're here to help.

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