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Overcoming Vulnerability As a Female Expat!

I'll never forget my first solo outing in Bangkok, my new city, as a young 23-year-old expat, searching for a TEFL job and an apartment. I was petrified, stepping in the sky train for the first time and trying to navigate my way through this brand new city that I now called home. I felt vulnerable, like a child, unaware of what was going on around me, yet blissfully enjoying the ride! I didn't speak the language; I had no sense of direction, I knew a hand full of people, I had an old pay as you go phone and off I went to find my path, my future.

It took effort and time, and a nudge from my new expat friends to brace Bangkok on my own. I had clung to them for safety as I was way out of my depth in Bangkok and living the expat life. I always seem to be the more vulnerable in a group, sheltered almost, scared of the 'Big Bad World'. Yet that day, something happened, like ripping off a band-aid I found my feet, and gradually over time, my confidence went from strength to strength. My newfound strength as an expat wasn't without the help of fellow expats, long-standing expats and newbies, guiding, offering a support network and bonding over our new, adventurous lifestyle. Eventually, I fell in love with Bangkok, being an expat, having freedom and teaching English as a foreign language. I had a purpose, adventure, friendship and a new city to call home. It took real effort to live in Bangkok as it is not an accessible city or culture to integrate into, and there were many times when I nearly gave up and ran back to the safety of Scotland.

I'm so glad I overcame my fears, showed my vulnerable side head-on and let myself go on this journey of self-discovery that expat living allows you to do.

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