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Obtain skills for female leadership!

It can feel futile trying to succeed as a woman in the leadership race as gender equality is still a significant issue and even more so in leadership roles. Yet with the right skills, presentation and personality, more and more women are being taken seriously, admired and followed worldwide.

What makes them so great, why do we listen intently, and how do we become a rising female leaders?

The qualities that women bring to the room are starkly different from men ranging from compassion, receptivity, collaboration, sensitivity, empathy, intuition, cooperation, nourishing, inclusion, creativity, vulnerability, enhancing the self-worth of others, systems-thinking and generosity.

Women often feel overshadowed or lack the confidence to take the lead in leadership backed up by external factors such as unequal pay, sexual harassment, unconscious bias within a particular society/culture and perhaps limited career opportunities.

Overcoming these obstacles, learning from women already achieving so highly and never giving in are vital attributes to hone.

Here are Her Expat Life's top ways to become a renowned female leader!

1: Learn

Enrol in a leadership course, or join a webinar. There is so much learning material out there based on outstanding leadership. Distant learning from top universities now offers online courses for you to develop the skills for true authentic leadership. Commit to lifelong learning in your organisation.

2: Hire a mentor

Within the corporate world, many mentorship programs are specifically designed for women and may be available through your company. Mentors may help you focus and gain clarity on issues that may be preventing you from reaching for leadership roles. They may inspire you and provide encouragement and moral support when needed. They may also facilitate access to people in their network that might be a resource for you. A mentor may also provide honest feedback that others may not.

3: Hone your strengths

It can be tough out there in the leadership lane as you embrace the roles or delegate within leadership. You have incredible talents as a female. Always bear in mind to practice resilience, and humility, show your service to others and be part of the organisation, wider community and network. Perhaps you are a great speaker and can thrive on stage, or you are terrific at innovating new ways of doing. Focus on your strengths with kindness, and remember never to compare yourself with others.

4: Take risks

Offer to run the next company's corporate luncheon, set up innovation think tanks, and speak at the next event. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, standing in front of people and adding value will ensure success. Start your own female-friendly event, gather like-minded women and share ideas while networking. You will be surprised how much other people inspire and support you.

You will fail, and there will be times you get it wrong or flounder in some way but always learn from your mistakes, look to fellow female leaders and understand that it is an ongoing process - True Leadership is ever evolving and even more so for females as there are so few!

Go on, make your mark!

Her Expat Life is here to support you.


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