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Meet Samantha Dorisca: A Talented Writer and Photographer on a Mission!

In this blog, we interview Samantha Dorisca, a talented writer and photographer based in Houston, Texas. With a degree in English and experience working for publications like Blavity, Houstonia Magazine, and Girls' Life Magazine, Samantha has a knack for creating engaging content that covers a variety of topics. Through her creative and driven approach to storytelling, Samantha continues to make a positive impact on the world.

1: Tell us about your career as a writer and the most recent role - writer for Blavity, a forward-thinking platform for Black millennials! My career as a writer has allowed me to tell stories in tech, business, education, health and more while amplifying Black leaders who are driving change in these sectors. I have been consistently writing for two years through my work at AfroTech and have had a chance to interview Michael B Jordan, Issa Rae, Kevin Hart, to name a few. 2: What is AfroTech? Can you tell us more about this role as a writer for AfroTech ? For those who may not be familiar with AfroTech, we are a platform serving as a home for Black S.T.E.M professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. My contribution to the platform is to create engaging and thoughtful updates surrounding these themes and speak with change makers across industries. 3: What advice do you have for fellow women looking to advance their writing career? My advice for women who are looking to advance their writing careers is to first find your community. If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together.

Secondly, find unique angles in your stories. Don't try to duplicate stories that have already been told. Think outside of the box and allow readers to be refreshed with new insights that they aren't reading on various platforms. 4: As a Black female Afro American - what challenges have you faced in your life and career? How did you overcome them? Some challenges I have faced this far in my career journey would be investing my own dollars into my ventures. You have to be your biggest supporter and sometimes that also means pushing forward to chase your dreams at all costs. I can confidently say whatever I have invested my dollars into has always come back to me, even beyond the dollars, but in terms of lessons or making genuine connections. Just staying focused on the bigger picture and just being obedient in my purpose has really helped me to overcome any fears that may follow with investing into yourself. 5: You are a Writer, Journalist and Photographer! Tell us about some of the most rewarding or inspiring work you have produced? I am blessed and I have so much to be proud of. Off the top, some articles that come to mind that I am very proud of include a story I wrote on quiet promotions in the workplace, as it was a detailed piece that gave insights into the dangers of this practice and how people of color are disproportionately disadvantaged. As for dream interviews, I am very proud to have spoken with Michael B. Jordan recently and one of my childhood inspirations, Keke Palmer! As a photographer, the project that is top of mind would be "She Stood In Grace," which was creative directed by my dear friend Faith Ehioghae. 7: What is life like as a photographer? Tell us how you got started in photography? I started photography the summer before my senior year at The University of Texas at Austin to have a safe space. I was quite stressed around that time and more introverted during this season of my life. Photography allowed me to connect and capture Black joy. The rest is history as it has turned into a business organically. My life today as a photographer means I get to capture some of the happiest moments through my perspective, and I do not take it for granted to be trusted with these moments.

8: What do you do for fun? I am a huge foodie. I also love nature walks, going to the movies, and traveling! 9: Where have you traveled to that really inspired you and why? I haven't traveled to many places. For now, Atlanta will always come to mind as a place of inspiration. It was the first state I traveled to independently. I captured AfroPunk as a personal passion project and it truly was a defining moment and a reminder to always keep capturing moments regardless of what changes are happening in my life. I have stayed true to that promise. 10: Lastly, tell us about your project - Photography Series: My Black is Beautiful! The My Black is Beautiful Series I conducted while at UT Austin. The project was among my first series I conceptualised on my own for the sole purpose of exemplifying the beauty of Black women.

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