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Meet Nienke Nina Keizer:Podcast Host at Digital Nomads Daily Helping Busy Entrepreneurs!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

In a world where digital entrepreneurship is taking the lead, having a strong online presence is crucial. But with so many things to manage, busy entrepreneurs often struggle to find the time and resources to build a successful online business. That's where Nienke Nina Keizer comes in. As a digital nomad, Nienke has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs like you build authentic and converting webinars that will take your business to the next level. With her expertise and experience, Nienke has become a trusted partner for business owners looking to succeed in the digital world. And as the host of the Digital Nomads Daily podcast, Nienke shares her insights on all things digital nomadism, making her a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a successful online business while living life on their own terms.

1: Nienke Nina, tell us about your journey as a Digital Nomad helping busy entrepreneurs with building Authentic & Converting Marketing Funnels!

Absolutely! I started my marketing and sales funnels agency not on purpose...So I have been in marketing for over a decade doing various things but like SEO, website strategy and design, copywriting, content editing and podcast marketing.

As I was switching careers I took on a temporary project to help out a female entrepreneur with her marketing. It was a big mess at the time and even though she had a small team of contractors like VAs, content editors, her marketing efforts weren’t bringing real results.

This friend also has a good following on LinkedIn but she couldn’t really scale her marketing. So I started creating some basic marketing funnels and helped her with optimising the sales processes.

She was overwhelmed, stuck and had invested $$$ in her business and completely stuck about what to do next. Even books and YouTube couldn’t help her. She needed practical and simplified strategies that are authentic and convert.

So after re-creating her marketing foundations we focused more on launch funnels which was in her case a webinar funnel. When she did her 1st webinar she had <65 registrations, zero sales. It was a lot of work for her so that sucked even more that there was again no ROI.

When I implemented my launch funnel strategies we brought over 400 people to the webinar and sold a few programs – all organic. Now a few webinars later we bring thousands of people to her brand, sell the program (which is a €1800 worth program) and she has her best quarter after quarter.

After months I realised that I can do this for others as well because many small business struggle to get real results from their marketing efforts. So that’s how I started the agency and are specialised in building launch funnels.

Why people love working with us is that we provide the strategies and a laser-focused and creative team who know what they are doing. So instead of hiring 3-7 people to create this type of funnel, you hire us.

It’s smooth, simple and the experts/business owners can focus on what they love doing while we build, develop and run the strategies. I have to add that we customise the funnels for each client and product because we find authenticity super important and this is also what I love about working with different people. All clients sell digital products and virtual services and they are experts in their field.

2: Tell us about life as a Podcast Host at Digital Nomads Daily! What kind if topics do you discuss?

I created the podcast to showcase a more REAL picture of what this lifestyle is about by sharing real-life stories with people who are nomadding for 5+ years like myself and also people who just started – and everything in between.

We inspire people through behind-the-scenes stories, daily practical tips and great laughs and ‘’fails’’

My goal is not to sell the digital nomad lifestyle but simply show that the beauty of this lifestyle is:

  • There isn’t a perfect way of doing it - or one way

  • The lifestyle is dynamic and requires a lot of openness to the self, self-reflections, conscious decision making

  • You don’t have to start your own business – remote jobs are awesome too

  • You don’t have to sell your stuff and do this full time, there are many part time nomads

  • It’s not all sexy and fun! It’s challenging to constantly change your pillow, grocery store and community

  • It’s about living on your own terms, creating a lifestyle that works for you in that moment and even those dynamics can change again.

I can go on like this hahah but I think you get the vibe.

3: Congratulations on publishing your book - Digital Nomads With Confidence! What does it entail and what was the inspiration behind the book?

Thank you!!

The book was a bucket list and passion project. I love the podcasting and really wanted to capture the most common question people have asked me about this lifestyle so I thought why not write a book to help people feel more confident about their digital nomad lifestyle.

4: Who have you met in the entrepreneurial/digital nomadic space that really inspired you and why?

AAAAH SO MANY PEOPLE! I find all my digital nomad podcast guest very inspiring honestly. That’s probably also why I keep publishing pretty consistently because it feels really like therapy!

What I love about the podcast is that many people are super vulnerable so I get a lot of inspiration from that. I created the most fruitful business relationships, friendships and work opportunities because of the podcast and conversations.

So I would feel weird to point out people specially if that makes sense ❣️

5: Which countries or destinations have you lived, worked in, or traveled to that have motivated you as a world traveler and proponent of remote work?

I lived in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia)

I started studying abroad, then I did an internship, I wrote my bachelor thesis abroad and after I graduated I bought my one way ticket to the Philippines and found a office job there.

Then, I went to Bali for a 'WorkCation' and that’s when I realised I can work from anywhere and started slowly my digital nomad lifestyle.

Fun fact: I don’t have a specific digital nomad date because it all just kinda happened. I didn’t buy this lifestyle on Instagram and started which is very different from the post-covid nomads.

6: What are your hobbies?

It’s hard to have hobbies as a digital nomad haha but I love dancing and recently took up watercoloring.

I'm also trying to learn Spanish but my brain energy is low after a full day of work so I find this a bit challenging. Instead I would go for a walk at the beach or a city stroll

7: What are your top tips for females looking to start or advance their nomadic lifestyle?

I always encourage people to ask themselves a few questions like

  • How does your dream life looks like from dusk to dawn?

  • What are important moments that you want to experience?

    • Community, beach walks, the best coffee, nature adventures…

  • What do you want to learn about yourself of achieve?

  • What are things you are unsure about? Why is that?

8: What challenges have you faced as a female personally and professionally? How did you overcome them?

Growing up I never felt like 100% at ease, confidence and I just felt like a weirdo who didn’t fit in. I wasn’t lonely because I am very socially but I learned later that what I felt was just a strong disconnect with my mind/body/soul/heart.

I wasn’t school smart either so I was a hard study and schools wouldn't believe in me. My parents on the other hand always let me just flow and do my thing so I felt really support at home but I didn’t fit in the school buckets.

Then, I worked myself up by stying like a maniac and completed 4Y vocational degree in multi media design. This boosted my confidence and I applied for a 4Y bachelor program in advertising.

After 1 year it was hard, redid every single test but it paid off! Even more exciting was that when I learned about going abroad I studied even harder and this changed the course of my life, being and the way I see the world. That is in January 10 years ago and I went from not even knowing how to speak english to running an international company, writing my 1st book and hosting a podcast in English.

I feel smart, confident and excited about life and I am not afraid anymore if I don’t have the answers. Studying and keep living abroad has been the best thing that has ever happened and I highly encourage people to do the same, or at least mingle with people from different countries, backgrounds, cultures and upbringings.

9: Tell us how you collaborate with remote job coaches to assist job seekers in gaining clarity and securing remote job opportunities?

I offer a 1:1 Marketing Mentor Program for female 'solopreneurs' and small businesses who aren’t getting results with their marketing efforts and are really stuck. The program is focused on creating a strong positioning strategy, packaging your offer in a authentic and converting way and create a marketing strategy where we incorporate the funnel strategy I apply in my agency

I do this through live calls where we collaborate, I share case studies from my agency clients and they get a step-by-step plan in Notion which they can continue to use after the program.

It’s a lot of fun and I see that after 2-3 months my clients feel empowered, confident and excited about showing up again online again.

I’m actually opening up the program again end of the month with a new landing page that is now in the making, the link will be []

10: Lastly, where is on your list of places to travel/live or work in and why?

I recently published an episode about my digital nomad bucket list and there are so many places BUT here are a few


The desert (this is happening this year)

A Safari

Connect with Nienke:

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