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Meet Alexa Mollicchi Casanova: A Trailblazing Expat and Entrepreneur in the World of Events!

Looking for inspiration and motivation to pursue your dreams? Meet Alexa Mollicchi Casanova, a trailblazing expat and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the world of events and diversity & inclusion. With her passion for creating unforgettable experiences and promoting inclusivity, Alexa has become a respected leader and advocate in her field. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at her journey, accomplishments, and insights on how to succeed as an entrepreneur and make a positive impact on the world. Get ready to be inspired!

1: Alexa, could you share your journey with us? You are a female founder of Casanova Events! Amazing :)

Thank you! It’s a multi faceted adventure, filled with ups, downs and everything in between. With expertise in travel, event planning, community building and remote work, I have embraced a global perspective, considering myself a citizen of the world rather than tied to any specific country. I've built a business that aligns with my personal lifestyle and professional aspirations. Key values that guide me include authenticity, open-mindedness, and perseverance.

2: Tell us about living the expat entrepreneurial life! You are from Germany but have lived in places like Puerto Rico?

Actually, I'm not from Germany, I'm French-American. I was born in Aspen, Colorado, and raised between Paris, Corsica, and Aspen. Over the years, I've lived in Spain (Salamanca), the Netherlands (Maastricht), Germany (Berlin and now Hamburg), and Puerto Rico. I started my career in Berlin, working for startups for five years. While I had both great and not-so-great experiences, they all played a crucial role in finding my direction. When the pandemic hit, I became frustrated with not being able to unleash my full potential, which led me to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. I started with my first business and side hustle, 'Voncasa'. That enabled enough financial flexibility and time for building my passion project and now travel and events agency: 'Casanova Events'. I now lead a hybrid lifestyle, splitting my time between Germany and Puerto Rico, working as a travel agent and events specialist. I take pride in the flexibility I've achieved, doing what I love across different places.

3: What would you say are some of the biggest obstacles you have faced on your journey? How have you overcome them?

Loneliness has been a recurring challenge. It's not just about physical distance but also a mindset. Embracing a life of travel, learning new languages, and meeting new people has accelerated my personal growth. Returning to places I once considered home and realising that I no longer aligned with certain mentalities and values can feel lonely and scary. However, navigating towards a truer self and surrounding myself with people who embrace my evolution while keeping me grounded has been instrumental in overcoming this obstacle.

4: What advice would you give to fellow female entrepreneurial digital nomads?

Embrace diversity beyond the digital nomad community. Connect with locals who have different perspectives, challenge your perceptions and expand your horizons. Building a business that can adapt to your changing lifestyle is crucial. Casanova Events allows me to choose how I spend my time, while paving my way towards financial freedom and exploring the world.

5: Where have you lived that you loved? Where have you lived/traveled to that you hated?

Puerto Rico holds a special place in my heart. It's one of those rare places where I felt at home almost instantly. As for places I disliked, I can't say I truly hated anywhere I've lived. Some places were more challenging to adapt to due to climate and culture, like Germany. Despite the difficulties, I appreciate unique aspects of living in Germany, such as renovating my husband's childhood home, the opportunities, stability & safety the country offers

6: As an event planner- tell us about your top most successful event you hosted!

I'm proud of many events I've hosted. It's difficult to pinpoint the most successful one since success can be measured in various ways. Hosting the crowdfunding event for CoWomen's expansion (what used to be Germany’s first Co working space designed by women, for women) was a significant milestone in breaking boundaries in a niche sector. Corsicana holds a special place in my heart due to my roots. It’s an event series that invites Corsicans of the world to showcase their business offerings and promote entrepreneurial collaboration post event. Currently, I'm excited about the events I'm organising for Protocol Labs. Leading summits for the Launchpad team allows me to work alongside and bring together a diverse group of incredibly interesting people for a week of web3 learning and connecting- a daily source of inspiration from me.

7: How can we all become more inclusive on a global scale? Where do you see problems with diversity & inclusion?

Active listening is key, especially on topics we know little about. Checking in with people beyond superficial conversations and normalising negative feelings can foster inclusivity. By embracing our authentic selves and being surrounded by people who are willing to support our growth, we can naturally create a more inclusive world. Supporting local communities and contributing consistently to at least one community can also make a significant impact.

I see problems of D&I in too many topics to list. Pertaining to my business, and the more I travel- the more blatantly clear it is how inaccessible our world is to many- be it people with disabilities, limited financial means, know-how on booking and conducting travel safely, accessibility features in transport and hotels. My hope as I continue to develop my travel agency is to gear my focus towards facilitating accessible travel. I strongly believe in the power of traveling and discovering other communities to become more concerned with our responsibility to nurture inclusion at home.

8: Where would you recommend for females to start their business or live for a while as a digital nomad?

Start in an environment that brings you joy every day. Whether it's a place with daily sunshine, a welcoming culture, or beautiful beaches, create a beginning stage where you can recharge, find inspiration, and experience happiness. However, if starting in such an environment isn't feasible, my advice is to start anywhere. There's never a perfect moment to take risks and begin something new. Grant yourself permission, take big leaps, fail 10 times before you experience a win, and adapt along the way. Luck has little to do with it; it's about taking the initiative, and remaining persistent.

9: What are your hobbies or passions for switching off and having fun?

Cross fit and lifting heavy weights help me feel powerful and in shape. I also enjoy long hikes/walks in the rainforest, on the beach, or exploring cities. I love spending time visiting friends and family across the US and Europe, drawing and painting and discovering flavours that make me grateful for my taste buds.

10: What advice would you give other female digital nomads looking to develop their professional skillets?

Challenge what you think you know and don't wait for permission or approval. Keep learning, especially during challenging times. Diversify your skillset, interests, hobbies, and the people you surround yourself with. Not all feedback is valuable, so listen to trusted individuals who have your best interests at heart. Prioritise your areas of improvement thoughtfully and avoid setting unrealistic expectations. And don't forget to take breaks! Kick back with a Piña Colada. Embrace your free time without guilt to fuel your work and lead to fruitful results.

Connect with Alexa:

Instagram: alexamoca

Alexa Moca Linkedin

Casanova Events LinkedIn

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