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Make friends outside your immediate family as an expat!

As expats, we come from varying backgrounds and have different lifestyles and reasons for living abroad. You may be a trailing spouse or relocating for a job or a better lifestyle with your family. Female expats can struggle to integrate as culture, language, and other factors lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

You start to realise you need to venture out with the family circle and make your own friends, community and building blocks for a full life as an expat. You don't want to rely solely on your partner or family for your entire social life.

Here are Her Expat Life's tips for female trailing spouses or women who may be struggling to integrate into their new surroundings!

1: Volunteer/find a job

Volunteering is a great way to serve the local community you are in and allows you to network simultaneously. You will surely meet people on your wavelength to connect with. Find a job to keep you connected and busy away from family life. It will give you a sense of purpose and help you to integrate into your surroundings.

2: Find Expat Communities

There are many in most cities worldwide, connecting on Facebook and hosting events, meet ups and more. Expat communities are where you will meet people going through the same as you. They are open to meeting new people and fully understanding what you are going through.

3: Find a Hobby

Do you like to run or do yoga? Perhaps play musical instruments or sing in a choir? Finding a yoga group or running club is a collaborative effort for enjoying your hobby while meeting and hanging out with people who want the same things as you!

4: Children & Pets

As we move with our families, most of us have pets and children. Joining expat mom hangouts or dog walking groups in your neighbourhood are ways of integrating into your surroundings with like-minded women who can share and relate to your expat lifestyle while bonding and developing friendships.

5: Neighbours

As we live in cities, we all have neighbours, chat with them, introduce ourselves or invite them over for a coffee; it can be easier to build bonds with people in our immediate surroundings.

Remember to have patience and acceptance that it takes time to cultivate relationships and create long-lasting friendships.

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Her Expat Life Limited is a bespoke boutique consultancy that provides services to expat women entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, and investors who desire to advance their global lifestyle, network, and portfolio.

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