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Magnisi Venture Studio: Revolutionising Southern Italy's Startup Scene!

Have you been searching for a Venture Studio that offers more than just financial support? Look no further than Magnisi. This innovative company was founded by Ugo Parodi Giusino, a pioneer in digital and innovation fields in Sicily and Italy.

Magnisi is dedicated to investing in startups in southern Italy and what sets them apart from traditional Venture Capital firms is their hands-on approach. They provide strategic guidance as well as financial backing to help their portfolio companies thrive. With several successful investments already under their belt, Magnisi has launched Magnisi Studio - a physical space that serves as a hub for creative and innovative minds. In this blog, we'll explore how Magnisi Venture Studio is changing the game for startups in southern Italy. Keep reading to learn more!

1: Tell us about Magnisi - How did you get started? What is unique about Magnisi Ventures? What is the CEO’s background?

Magnisi is a Venture Studio born from the idea of Ugo Parodi Giusino, a pioneer in the digital and innovation field in Sicily and Italy. After running three startups as founder and CEO, he decided to establish an independent Venture Studio with the mission to invest mainly in startup in southern Italy. What sets Magnisi Venture Studio apart is that, unlike traditional Venture Capital firms, it actively gets involved with the companies, providing both financial and strategic support.

Currently, Magnisi has invested in various startups and, starting this year, has launched Magnisi Studio, a physical space to provide a home for creative and innovative minds.

2: What can women expect from Magnisi? Why should they choose your co working space over others?

Magnisi Studio is already primarily populated by women, and our administrator is a woman, Teresa Fiasconaro Lima. It's an informal, creative, and inclusive environment – the perfect space to meet new people and feel free to unleash your potential. We go beyond the concept of gender and welcome creative and innovative minds. Our goal is to create value for those who experience our space.

3: You are based in Palermo, Sicily- what is life like for female expats? Is it worth moving there? What are the fun things to do/lifestyle?

Life for female expats in Palermo, Sicily, can offer a unique and culturally rich experience. The city is renowned for its history, art, and delicious cuisine. Expat women can enjoy a welcoming and friendly environment, with plenty of opportunities to meet locals and connect with the community.

Moving to Palermo is worth considering if you appreciate a blend of tradition and modernity, along with a Mediterranean climate and a laid-back lifestyle. The city provides a variety of fun activities, from exploring historical sites to participating in cultural festivals, enjoying local beaches, and savouring the regional cuisine.

The pace of life is generally pleasant, and the sense of community can make the living experience very fulfilling. However, the decision to relocate depends on personal preferences and individual needs.

4: Magnisi invests in start-ups and provide support to founders! Tell us more and do you have an example of a successful start-up you have invested and nurtured?

Magnisi makes pre-seed and seed investments in companies that are reshaping the future of how we live, work, and have fun online. Typically, we are among the first to invest and work closely with these companies.

Specifically, we are involved in:

- Fundraising

- Product Strategy

- Go-To-Market Strategy

- Administration

- Marketing

We are usually early investors and collaborate closely with companies in these thematic areas. Some recent startups in our portfolio include:

A tech hub making an impact on the community through education in Digital Marketing, Software Development and Product Management.

A company promoting sustainable mobility through a gamification process.

An innovative agency developing the digital business of enterprises.

5: You talk about building a supportive ecosystem for dynamic minds – Can you tell us more? What is a supportive ecosystem and how can start ups benefit?

Our aim is to support the creation of an environment that fosters both creativity and business development. A place where anyone can be inspired by the people who inhabit it and the events that take place there. We cater not only to startups but also to freelancers, students, and anyone seeking to be influenced by others.

Startups can certainly benefit from this environment as they come into contact with professionals from diverse backgrounds, thereby discovering new opportunities.

6: Can you tell us about the networking and events that you offer?

We have already held some events aimed at developing networking and expanding the interests of our community.

Here are some examples:

We organised a show cooking with a well-known local food blogger.

A yoga session for those who spend long hours at their desks.

A LEGO Serious Play workshop focused on professional networking, a creative way to broaden one's network.

In January, we will be hosting the first TEDx event in Palermo with the theme "Sea of Innovations." We can't reveal more details at the moment ;)

7: What can women looking for a co working space expect from Magnisi? How do you differ from other co working spaces?

Well... first of all, our AD is a woman named Teresa, isn't that enough? :D Jokes aside, we strive to make our space welcoming to everyone. Women play a crucial role as they make up the majority of our coworkers. We are working on partnerships with daycare centres, children's libraries, and other services to bring additional benefits to our female coworkers.

8: You have built a community around Magnisi! What can people expect from becoming part of your community?

We want to be a big family. The family that helps you grow. The family that advises and supports you. The family you have fun with. The family you can clash with if necessary. Magnisi Studio is our home. The Magnisi community is the family you've chosen.

9: What are your top tips for start-ups looking for investment?

Having a good idea.

Creating a detailed business plan.

Finding the right partners.

Never giving up!

10: What are the top 5 reasons for digital nomads to choose Palermo, Sicily as their next destination?

1) Palermo’s historic centre is a fascinating maze of streets, squares, and landmarks.

2) With its Mediterranean climate, Palermo boasts beautiful beaches that are perfect for relaxing after a day of work. Mondello beach is one of the most popular, with its crystal-clear waters and golden sand.

3) A culinary experience not to be missed in Palermo is its street food. The city is famous for its variety of delicacies to be enjoyed on the go.

4) Palermo is known for its lively nightlife and offers a wide range of bars, clubs, and venues where you can socialise and unwind after a day of work.

5) The prices in Sicily are very affordable, and the quality of life is very high. Ideal for a digital nomad.

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