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Living Off The Grid As A Digital Nomad!

It's evident that times are changing globally, the cost of living is becoming problematic, and the desire to live a sustainable, quiet lifestyle or 'Off The Grid' is growing. For digital nomads and expats, living off the grid is an obtainable lifestyle and comes from a place derivative of an eco-friendly mindset. There are certainly challenges as digital nomads need robust and consistent wifi, forcing them to reconnect with the 'grid'. However, it is all manageable with a proper plan in place. More and more people are mass exodusing cities, old job systems that no longer fit their lifestyle or mental health, opting for the location-free work/life balance. People want to contribute to the eco-friendly movement and make a difference that 'living off the grid' can give them and to the planet.

Here Are Her Expat Life's Top Tips: How To Live 'Off The Grid.'

1: Figure out your budget

How much will your outgoings be? You might have savings or need to make money while living off the grid. Have a budget or financial revenues in place or need to generate new means of making money. All these financial demands ties into the way you want to live. You can think of new business ventures like eco-friendly campsites (if you have land). 'Eco-Friendly Glamping' is an up-and-coming lifestyle that will be sure to keep you in profit.

2: Find a place to live that ticks all your requirements

Do you want it to run on solar power? Will you need a generator for power? Will you raise animals for food, create a recycling system, and grow vegetables using recyclable compost? Will you buy an existing property or buy land and build your perfect eco-friendly home?

3: Research & learn about the area you will be living in

Figuring out where your new home will be in relation to resources is essential. Mapping out how far away you are from a small town, community, or city will make life as a digital nomad easier if you need to network for business or even as simple as finding a cafe for the internet if you are a content writer, for example.

4: Keep Connected!

Living off the grid as a digital nomad doesn't need to mean losing touch with reality, family, friends or the wider world. There are like-minded people out there ready to connect, build friendships with and grow along with you. You don't need to do this all on your own. Be sure to join communities like yoga or pilates. Start your own vibe and invite people to join you in your new' off the grid' life.

Her Expat Life is here to help you advance your global lifestyle. Please speak to us today and gain honest advice from a digital nomad and expat expert!

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