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Ladies, stay single until you find a supportive spouse.

The struggle to find balance in professional women's lives is real.

Ambitious women have found that a spouse can complement their success, lend support and be your confidant. Yet, there is always some sway in compromise and women are often left feeling shut out by their spouse if their career takes off. The career-driven differences can take their toll on some relationships, seeing spouses resenting their high achieving wives. A new trend among couples has also emerged called '"grey divorce:" 60% of divorces for older, decades-married couples are initiated by women, often leaving their husbands blindsided and heartbroken.

Career-driven women focus more and more on themselves, and their careers become crucial—something they will not give up. Women initiate about 60% of late-life divorces, often to focus their energies on flourishing careers post-50. Talented women, forced by their husband's attitudes to downgrade their aspirations, bide their time. After their children leave, often so do the wives.

The equality of men and women in the workplace is changing. Society is waking up to inequality and unsatisfactory dynamics within the home.

Younger couples who are more self-aware strive for dual - career-driven lives have better success balancing marriage, jobs and love. Gender equality at home has given this younger generation an advantage in uncertain economic times and has cultivated adaptive, responsive couples who strive for career equality. Dual career equality is not an easy task. The traditional marriage patterns could still wreak havoc, as the centuries-old model of male dominance still exists deeply in certain cultures the world over.

To increase your chances of survival as a modern couple entering marriage and seeking longevity while focusing on dual careers, bringing home the leadership skills you learn at work will heighten your chances of success.

Vison: Open up and discuss your goals and aspirations with your partner and where you see yourself professionally and personally to build a life strategy. Lack of alignment can lead to unhappiness and divorce.

Active listening: Women generally complain that their spouse does not listen to their goals or life plan, and they feel shut out and unsupported. Try to encourage face to face sit-downs as a couple to really listen to what each other is saying to air out any grievances and get on the same page to promote future progression. It could be once a month or during the week to listen to your partner openly.

Feedback: As a more awakened couple providing constructive feedback to your spouse lets each other know how well in the relationship and what is not. Offering positive feedback creates a nurturing environment for longevity and success.

In this day and age, women should not feel that they have to scale down their desires for success or take full ownership of the caregiving side of relationships at home. Lack of engagement or willingness to engage in the conversation of equality is a sure sign that this will not lead to conducive co-career success. It is best to leave a relationship and walk away from a situation that will not facilitate or support your career aspirations.

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