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Is Online Dating Dead?

Roughly ten years ago, we saw the rise of Tinder and other dating apps that rushed in the era of online dating. This fun, interactive way of dating by selecting a potential mate through profiles revolutionised how the dating scene exchanged wants and desires for romantic relationships.

Men and women have found love, had flings and a first date through online dating; however, more and more research has found that men are becoming increasingly lonely, and women's dating standards have changed, creating a shift.

Has the online dating scene dwindled?

The air surrounding online dating that once was full of fun, love and excitement has now changed to one of boredom, fake accounts, fake people, rejection and superficial adjustment that is not in line with reality. The lines are becoming blurred in dating apps, a sense of weariness seems to have set in, and a return to more organic ways of dating has spurred momentum again. People are looking for originality and the real deal rather than a 'mockup' that is not what they really want. Or perhaps men are looking for one thing, and women are setting higher standards away from a one-night stand. There is a certain pressure to perform, to live up to your profile and what you have cultivated online, which can cause a distance.

Here are Her Expat Life's top ways to date as a female expat & digital nomad!

1: Go to events

Internations host events worldwide and attract like-minded individuals who want to connect and discuss expat life and business. There is always potential to meet someone that catches your eye.

Find events in your local area through facebook or Linkedin.

2: Make female friends

As female expats & digital nomads, it can sometimes become lonely, yet it's a good idea to find other female friends to hang out with, socialise with and meet men either through them (friends of friends) or find men together. Hanging out with other females is how to have fun on the organic dating scene; they will laugh, help and support you on your road to finding 'The One.'

3: Get straight about what you want!

Have a clear mind of what you want from a man. Do you want a serious relationship that might turn into 'the one? Are you only interested in a fling? Have you recently moved somewhere new and want a casual male friend to hang out with? Defining what you want from the dating scene will help you to get what you want.

4: Be Spontaneous!

Romance can unfold in the most unexpected places or chances. Joining a new club, activity, hobby, or even speaking to a guy you fancy at the gym could lead to a first date or a beautiful friendship.

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