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Introducing Dani Maletic, the mastermind behind Nomad Hub & NomadÉire!

Are you a digital nomad, remote worker, or simply interested in community and sustainability? If so, you'll want to meet Dani Maletic, founder and CEO of Nomad Hub & NomadÉire. With a passion for creating thriving communities and promoting sustainable practices, Dani is a thought leader in the world of remote work. And if you're in Ireland, you're in luck – you can catch Dani at the upcoming Digital Nomad Conference. Keep reading to learn more about Dani's work and what you can expect from her talk at the conference.

1 Can you tell us about your experience in remote work and how it led to the creation of Nomad Hub and NomadÉire?

I’ve worked remotely on and off for years, with the type of work I do it’s always been an option. With

my background in education, teaching and training, I could do it online or in person. I often chose a bit of both to be honest, I like the combination personally. If I’m travelling the remote type of work fits

better, when I stay somewhere more long-term I opt for both. Remote work is not new to me

essentially, it didn’t happen as a consequence of the pandemic. Since I’ve been a digital nomad (more

of a slow-mad) as part of my lifestyle, when I chose to stay back home in Ireland for a longer stretch

of time I realised I could combine my worlds and multiple passions into one - so it was only the most

natural thing to do. I love hosting, I love community, I love exploring, hence creating a hub in Ireland,

that both highlights the beauty of Ireland and inspires others to take the leap and start their nomadic

journey seemed like the best step. I love Ireland and love showing others that a lifestyle which takes

into consideration personal well-being first is possible.

Simply by being able to change our environment we can find answers we’d been seeking for.

2. How do you incorporate sustainability into your work and the communities you

work with?

We encourage more eco-friendly travel options and sustainable tourism. We provide the members of

our community with opportunities to get involved in volunteering with local conservation projects.

Personally, I also hope to be participating in some more sustainability and ESG research projects,

funding-pending. At Nomad Hub Ireland, we are also looking into setting up a physical hub which will be built and ran in more environmentally friendly manner, wherever possible. In addition, we work with other sustainability-focused groups and are willing to learn, adapt and apply new approaches, I

certainly think it’s important to listen to experts and stay open to learning and growing. With global

warming and changes in the weather patterns globally, it’s pretty clear that we need to give more

importance to doing better as a society. Also, I am one of the Co-Founders of Nomad Trail, which is

going to be focusing on promoting over-land travel across Europe to begin with, global trails limiting

flights, while still enjoying the privilege of being able to travel while working remotely.

3. What inspired you to become a trainer, facilitator, and consultant in multiple

areas such as leadership and career coaching?

Interesting question! Perhaps it’s part of my personality, however most likely a combination of things.

I love teaching, I love planning, I love adventures. When I was young I always wanted to be a teacher

for example, so that’s certainly been in me for decades! I have had a very pro-academic upbringing, a

teacher at school saw a lot of potential in me when I was young and she was quite encouraging,

furthermore my family have always encouraged my desire and willingness to up-skill over the

years. When I was at University I was the chairperson of a society called AIESEC, which is all about

helping individuals ‘reach their potential’, develop leadership and other professional skills, very much

focused on shaping future leaders. I am sure this has had a great impact on my personal

development. In fact, two decades ago with AIESEC I started various running training sessions, I was

already then organising conferences and started travelling more. I guess that was one of the key

influences, among many individuals who’ve inspired me over the years. They showed me what was

possible. I later just went off and got more formal qualifications, which has definitely helped open

more doors.

4. What advice would you give to women looking to advance their career?

I value education, I think it’s essential. I would suggest studying, up-skilling and seeking ways to grow

in fields they wish to pursue. There are so many different life and career paths we can choose to take

these days, none of them are wrong. As women, we have more things to consider in terms of career

and travel choices, lifestyle or family planning matters, however there are usually ways to do both.

Once we are clear on our priorities and look for ways to manage our time and energy better, we can

be extremely efficient and effective. I certainly want to see more women in leadership roles, more

female founders, women are exceptional, we need to step up more - be in roles that matter. Lead

with integrity, lead more consciously. If there is something you really want to do, but don’t know

how, learn from someone who’s already done it:read their posts, books, listen to their podcasts or

channels. Go to events or meet ups where you can meet them. Surround yourself by inspiring

individuals. They say that ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’, I truly believe there is huge truth in this.

Those in your environment is what will affect and shift your mindset the most, it’s also those same

people that will help keep you focused and motivated when you need it the most -find them, follow

them, value them.

5. What is life like as a female founder? What challenges have you faced?

I really enjoy the privilege to lead myself. I lead myself first, before I lead others. There are a lot of

lessons to be learnt, pretty much on a daily basis. Self-discipline is a big one, as well as huge support

network. Thankfully, I have not had too many challenges, I put a lot of that down to my mindset, I

have and continue to work on myself, it makes a big difference. Perhaps non-gender relates, but I am

very aware of my energy and when to stop, how to switch off, unwind, re-charge, what affects me

positively or negatively in my environment and what I can do about it. If something is not working, I

try something else. If I am having doubts or feel stressed, I take breaks or go do something fun, or

turn to someone who can help with words of wisdom, or sometimes simply a hug. I am actually

surrounded by women in business, there are many powerful female founders in my world, I think this

makes the biggest difference. We egg each other on, we lift each other up, we rise together.

6. What was your experience hosting retreats that incorporate holistic approaches

to wellbeing and naturopathic nutrition?

This was very fulfilling I have to say. I imagine with the Nomad Hub and NomadÉire work that I am

doing, I’ll most likely incorporate many of those holistic and well-being elements, as they are

important to me. Body and mind, work-life balance, work and travel, adding elements of fun and

adventure, not taking life too seriously. As a yoga teacher, I loved guiding and providing a safe space to let go, to not just stretch the body, but also relax the mind. My background experience and love of

balance always finds a way into what I do. For nomads who are on the move frequently, without a

permanent base, it’ll be even more important to be part of a community with well-being at its core.

7. As a mindset mentor, what advice can you give other women in terms of taking

care of their mindset health?

Let yourself feel. Don’t ignore your emotions. When you feel sadness or anger, don’t avoid them, let

them be, cry, release. They need to be felt, before you can give your full attention to other tasks. Be

there for yourself, take at least a few minutes time-out every day to be with yourself, your body, your

heart. If you need support, ask for it, then be willing to receive it. Being receptive is underestimated.

Our mindset is really all about what we feel, how we communicate it, what we focus on, our energy,

our habits. Hence let the feelings come and go, speak your truth, choose healthier habits, have a

morning and/or evening routine, to fill your cup, to ground you. Listen to people that calm you, centre you, inspire you. Don’t beat yourself up over ‘failure’, learn the lessons from it. Celebrate your

successes, praise yourself, become your own number one fan!


8. Where have you traveled to that really made an impression on you and why?

Everywhere I go makes an impression on me haha. When I travel I usually really immerse myself in

the place. I like to meet the locals, hear their stories, understand their way of doing things. I like to

learn words in their language, savour the traditional foods, listen to their national music, integrate

and feel part of the community. So, though I can most often work remotely, I also like to do some

type of work locally, especially when I travel, or at least participate in local projects. I love walking

down the street and seeing familiar faces, greeting my neighbours, wherever I’m staying. I don’t go to

places as a tourist, living in my own little bubble, I don’t stay in resorts, I go to see what the locals do.

Some examples of incredible experiences: living in an indigenous community on a sailboat in

Australia, camping by a glacial lake in Canada, waking up to the view of Mt Cervinia every morning in

Italy, seeing the Taj Mahal from our rooftop daily in India, teaching yoga in the jungle or being woken

up my monkeys at 5am in Costa Rica, hiking through caves in Canary islands and so many more.

Why? Each of those experiences made me feel more connected to nature and more alive.

9. What are your hobbies? How do you create a work/life balance?

Besides my love for travel and exploring new places, I also love dancing. I adore bachata, it’s one thing that brings a smile to my face any time of day or night. If I am stressed or upset, bachata lifts me up. :)

I also enjoy eating colourful foods, especially tropical fruit. I enjoy learning languages, walks on the

beach, staying in wooden cabins, sleeping under the stars. I am a fan of conversations about growth,

development, spirituality, law of attraction. I let my energy guide me, when my energy drops I do

things to rest or unwind, when I am focused I work, in my most productive peak moments I get things

done well and fast, sometimes in 2 hours I can complete a task that in a different state would have

taken me days! So I listen to that, I respond to my body, I respond to my mind - I don’t resist it. When

some things need to get done, no matter how long it may take I’ll stay at it, until it’s complete. Then, I

reward myself, it could be something as simple as getting extra sleep or meeting a friend for a chat,

going out for a meal or a massage, or booking a trip. I am well aware of my needs, so I get them met.

10. What advice do you have for individuals looking to transition into remote work or

become a digital nomad?

Be patient and have faith. It can happen, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. It is possible, but

can’t be rushed. Baby steps. Building a lifestyle, is a long-term game. Rome wasn’t built in a day

either. Stay focused. If it’s what you really want focus on a few short-term and long-term goals, and work towards them. One day at a time. Limit distractions, keep returning to your ‘why’

It’s not all glitz and glamour. The grass is always greener on the other side, be grateful for what you

have. Don’t do it to escape reality, you can never run away from yourself no matter how far you go.

Have fun along the way. If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right. Be prepared to fail, be prepared to

work hard, but don’t forget to have fun along the way too. Otherwise, what’s the point!

Community. Grow your network, become part of a community, keep learning and growing together.

Regardless of where you’re based/ travel to, you can stay connected with your true tribe, soul family.

Also, come to explore Ireland.

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