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Interview with Hanna Larsson:Insights from a Remote Work Advocate & Former Sales Director at Remote!

We were lucky enough to sit down with Hanna Larsson, a former Sales Director at Remote and advocate for remote work. In this interview, Hanna shares her insights on the benefits and challenges of working remotely, as well as her tips for success in a remote work environment. Whether you're a seasoned remote worker or just curious about the lifestyle, this interview is not to be missed.

1: You have had an inspiring career so far - with your recent experience of scaling the unicorn company 'Remote' as Sales Director in EMEA - Congratulations - tell us more!

Thank you, yes I joined 'Remote' early on their journey and built the sales team in EMEA from 2 to 87 people in 18 months. We scaled revenue with 42x and we built an amazing culture even though we all worked remotely from 22 different countries.

2: What do you think about this shift to remote working since the Pandemic? Is it here to stay? What are the pro’s or even downfalls of this style of working? What do you predict for the future of work?

I love how remote work brings so much opportunity and flexibility to people to build an entirely different life. Remote work enables people to get access to work and economic opportunity in locations that were not possible before. Remote work enables disabled people to get access to work at their convenience and it also allows for families to build a sustainable everyday life and spend more time together. Although there are many benefits, a lot of companies and leaders struggle with leading distributed teams and engaging their people. The change that we have seen and will continue to see in the world of work is not about hybrid, office or remote. It's about flexibility. People want to build a different kind of life. Employers need to support this transition.

3: How do you help founders and leaders to build high-growth companies and strong brands?

I work with founders and help them build go to market engines through revenue, talent, audience and brand.

4: As a successful female what advice do you have for women who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur or work for startups and are looking for investment?

Search for role models that are doing what you want to do and learn from them. Build a great network, it will be the most useful thing throughout your career.

5: You have built and been part of strong, successful teams. What drives effective teams and how can women play an active role in creating forward thinking companies?

For me it's all about the people. When you invest in people and build a great culture, you can achieve anything together. I believe women are great leaders and we need more female leaders in tech.

6: Congratulations on moving up from Series A to Series C in one year with investment! How was this achieved and what advice do you have for startups looking for investment growth?

We experienced hyper growth during those years at Remote and it was amazing to be part of it and lead an incredible team in EMEA.

7: Where have you traveled/worked remotely that has left a lasting impression on you?

Today I run my own company and I bring my work with me everywhere I go. One of my favourite places to travel to is Mallorca. I also love working from airports for some reason.

8: What have been some of the challenges that you have faced as a successful female leader and how do we strive for gender equality in the workplace?

Early in my career I struggled with speaking up and truly showing who I was - it took a few years for me to really understand that I have a seat at the table and my opinion and voice matter. This is why you should pick a leader when you are young, someone that will support you and guide you. This is so important for your growth. I didn't have that early in my career. Today I remind myself a lot about how I can support other females and be the leader that I needed when I was younger.

9: What are the key components to successful remote led companies?

Trust your people, set expectations with your team, build systems and be very intentional and invest in the culture.

10: Lastly, tell us about your newsletter and e - book! You have an impressive subscribers list! How did you build this?

Yes, I publish a free weekly newsletter on LinkedIn; "The Future of Work" and it has grown quickly. We have more than 22,500 subscribers. I have also published a free eBook called "Remote Freedom". Remote Freedom was initially a text I started writing to summarise all the advice I gave to hundreds of people every week that reached out to me and asked for advice on how to find remote jobs. It turned into an eBook that has been downloaded by thousands of people. Connect with Hanna Larsson Connect with me on LinkedIn For collaborations:

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