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I want a career change!

Aspiring expats and seasoned expats alike all understand that at times our career paths can suddenly feel like a dead-end, or 'not a good fit anymore, or the need for something new.

Changing careers can seem like an upheaval and a scary one at that. What if it doesn't work out? I'm comfortable in my job at the moment. Yet you feel dissatisfied now, you've given all you've got, and now you don't feel the same fulfilment as you did at the start.

Think of all the possibilities you can achieve by a career change like overall happiness, satisfaction, job security and financial stability.

Her Expat Life has top tips on what to do when you have a career crisis, advancing your career, and living a global lifestyle.

1: Research Careers

Jobs for expats vary and can facilitate your expat lifestyle. Research all industries and positions you would consider and what it entails to join that particular sector. Can you relocate for that specific job? Can you do it anywhere in the world?

2: Education, Education, Education

Enrolling in a course to gain new qualifications enables you to transition career paths successfully and land the job you desire. More and more reconsigned online courses can help you retrain to become a TEFL teacher, a yoga teacher, or even to start your own business.

3: Join a community

Networking as an expat or being part of communities and professional groups is a sure way to connect with other expat people who can lead you to where you need to go. Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know.'

4: Volunteer/Skill up

Interning in your new desired sector is a level entry position to gain skills and learn on the job. Volunteering as an expat opens the opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge, looks good on your CV/Resume and allows you to give back. All advantageous for expats making the right career move.

5: Hire a coach or a mentor

Hiring an experienced coach or mentor can help you find direction, help you reach your potential, keep you focused on what's important. Mentors and coaches take time to listen to you and guide you to where you want to go. If you feel particularly stuck, coaches can help devise a plan of action and keep you accountable.

Her Expat Life has a strong community of females globally that can guide, connect and help in different ways. Her Expat Life is your community from planning to executing the expat lifestyle, networking, and offering professional advice. We have a range of services that help you relocate to varying cities worldwide and enable you to live a global expat lifestyle.

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