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How To Virtually Manage Your Team

The hurdles you face as an entrepreneur are exponential, and managing a team is a vital process for a business to thrive. As we move through the Pandemic and adjust to a hybrid or even fully remote style of working, it can be hard to manage your team and keep everyone motivated, connected and focused as employees are not all in the same office simultaneously. Perhaps you are an entrepreneur who lives the digital nomadic lifestyle with a team with the same, location-free lifestyle.

Here are Her Expat Life's Top Tips: How to Manage Your Team Virtually

1: Organise Online Meetings Regularly.

Meetings virtually can be stressful; zoom, wifi connections and time zones can create confusion and a lot of time-wasting. Team managers or business owners need to organise meetings constructively, with a plan & schedule, same time every week for all digital nomads to get used to the meeting time and a consistent rhythm to the meetings. Decide with your employees, is one meeting a week enough, or do you need daily meetings within teams? Do other people need to meet, or is it collective meetings?

A weekly meeting schedule is vital for cohesive collaboration, productivity, and team satisfaction. Keep the meeting short and to the point, as your team works remotely. You don't want to waste each other's time and energy, but give everyone enough time in the meeting to voice concerns and to be seen and heard. You will boost connectivity among your employees.

2: Take Advantage of Project Management Tools.

There are many project management tools out there; some are amazing at connecting your team and keeping the workflow in order, primarily as you work remotely. Online software is crucial in keeping your team informed about all the different projects and work that is in motion. Popular project management software platforms are:

  • Trello.

  • Monday.

  • ClickUp.

  • Wrike.

  • Teamwork.

  • Basecamp.

The good thing is that most of them offer free trials for you and your team to find one that fits, works for all of you, and you need to find a price that works for your business budget.

3: Recognise Achievements and Reward Top-Performers.

Remote teams made up of digital nomads living the location-free work lifestyle can often feel, at times, unrecognised for their work. Figure out how to reward your staff; maybe you are a startup and can reward staff with discounts, free services or a bonus. All incentives like this boost productivity and keep employees interested in working for you. At the beginning of their business, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs to offer impressive rewards, yet any form of appreciation is better than nothing.

4: Goal-Setting Is Fundamental

Every team member has their own goal, and then there are the overall business goals that should be outlined and updated regularly. Setting goals allows for the progression of the business and professional gratification.

5: Allow For Flexibility

Running a female-centric team means there are personal issues that each team member has to deal with, raising children, health concerns, and travelling the location-free lifestyle. Being extremely accommodating, understanding and flexible will enable a harmonious work environment where women feel supported, not reprimanded. For a long time, the old way of working restricted workers and created hostile environments that hindered women's progress and business.

Join Her Expat Life and network with like-minded females to broaden your business and professional framework globally and enjoy all the benefits of becoming a member!

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