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How To Tweak Your Resume For International Jobs!

There comes a time when starting the expat life or moving country as an existing expat, trailing spouse or looking for a change in career that you will need to find work or land the job of your dreams. International jobs require you to apply different skills or bring an experience like strong interpersonal, dynamic skills of working with diverse employees in cross-cultural settings.

Every sector is different, and if you are changing careers, you must adapt, update and tweak your Resume to stand out from the crowd. Every country is also different and has its own corporate culture, hiring system, and even how your Resume looks, information and even skill set. Amending your Resume to fit each company you are applying for will surely help your success in finding the right job.

Here are Her Expat Life's top tips for tweaking your Resume!

1: Do your research!

Research the company you are applying for, the country's culture, what they will expect of you and how you can adapt and strengthen your skills. Research the culture, working lifestyle and corporate culture

2: Speak to Recruiters!

It's a good idea to reach out to recruiters that are already in the country you are applying for jobs. They understand the working culture and employer/ employee landscape, offer the best advice and help you land your dream job, the one that's the best fit for you!

3: Network!

Online corporate or job forums can help you connect and present your Resume to potential employers—network within your industry in specific online meet ups. If you are already in the country, find in-person meet ups and corporate events related to your sector or wish to be part of. Seek out people already there; Linkedin is a great source to find and follow the corporate elite, connect and put yourself out there!

4: Learn!

Perhaps the country you wish to move to is new; it's wise to go and check it out first. Maybe you must learn a new language or immerse yourself in the culture first. Perhaps there are jobs in the country you wish to live in that are more desirable or have more job options, which may require you to skill up, train or gain another qualification.

5: Get clear on your goals!

Is it the country you wish to live in? Is it for a specific job? Or is it both?

Setting goals of what you want to achieve professionally and lifestyle-wise is crucial to success and creates a structure. You want to be happy in your choice and gain fulfilment from employment. Align your Resume with your overall aspirations.

Her Expat Life has a Global Job Network for female expats to enjoy financial freedom & Security Abroad. We have created a network of recruiters, coaches, business owners, and peers to help our clients and members find jobs. In addition, workshops, webinars, and courses help clients sharpen and advance their skill set to secure more lucrative employment.

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