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How To Navigate Any City As A Solo Female Digital Nomad

You have picked the destination and booked the flight, yet you have the daunting task of figuring out the lay of the land, the City, how it works, moves and is interconnected. It can be overwhelming to visit some of the world's metropolises alone, without guidance, yet with a keen desire to sightsee and to live like a local, you want to conquer the unknown.

Something is so satisfying, freeing and a sense of accomplishment when you can finally navigate a city on your own.

Here are Her Expat Life's Top Tips On How To Navigate Any City On Earth

1:Do Your Research

There is so much online now, from Google maps to blogs to Facebook forums, where you can search, look and virtually navigate yourself around any city from your device. You can buy lonely planet books for each particular City; enclosed are maps and key tourist spots to map your route around this new, exciting City!

2: Figure Out The Transport System

It is helpful to know if it is buses, trains, or no public transport at all. Underground systems, sky trains or taxis. On public transportation, do they speak English, or is it native? How much is it, and how far does it stretch around the City? Knowing vital information before you arrive will save you a lot of stress and worry, as getting lost can be costly and time-consuming (if you have a tight schedule).

3: Be Proactive

Have a plan of what you want to see and do. Speak to people online in forums before you go, when you arrive to other expats or travellers and locals! Make sure you have some bearings as you don't want to look completely dazed or vulnerable. Scope out meet ups, InterNations or join Co - working spaces where they have a community of like minded digital nomads for you to hang out with.

4: Find tours or walking groups

Ok, it's your first day in the new City; you have just arrived; perhaps you're staying at a hostel or a hotel. It is your chance for a local guide to show you the central areas, to ease you in and get your bearings. You can ask questions and figure out the cultural nuances of your new surroundings. Join a walking tour; most cities have walking or sightseeing tours. Walking tours will help you get to know the central City and build confidence.

5: Take Your Time

After your initial induction to the City, you should know a little more about how the City operates. Take your time to scope out neighbourhoods and explore specific off-the-beaten-track areas of the City. Or hike around the City's landscape, lookout points or ocean scenic walks. Every City has its hidden gems, nooks and stories to tell. Some have unique artwork, bustling nightlife, or the best outdoor restaurants you could ever imagine with cuisine that will make you fall in love with the heart of the City!

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