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How To Find A Tech Job As A Female Expat!

Transitioning into tech or finding the perfect tech job as a female expat can be challenging, hard to find and time-consuming, yet if it pays off has massive rewards and can change the course of your life. The tech industry is competitive yet lacks talent; therefore, you could find yourself in a very prosperous career move with the right skills.

Europe, especially at this time, is hiring internationally in tech, and it could be your chance as an aspiring expat or an expat looking for a career change. If you are not already in tech but want to move into the sector, first, research what kind of role will help you to skill up with the right skill set to enter the tech industry. Undertaking tech projects and internships will allow you to grasp the nature of work involved in tech and learn as you go while building up your resume.

Another essential move would be to hire a mentor; someone firmly in the tech sector is the best way to learn and develop as a tech employee. Once you have the specific industry you are moving into, it will become easier to find the right course, and there are tons of resources online for open, remote learning. Networking as much as possible, locally and internationally, online and offline, are important ways to progress, learn and quickly transition into tech.

But how does one start to find the best tech jobs while relocating?

Here are Her Expat Life's tips for successfully obtaining that dream job in tech!

1: Use certain websites such as telegram channels specifically for jobs that offer relocation, like RelocateMe or Jobs Abroad.

2: Source out job boards and niche websites.

Tech job boards and company websites have researched and sourced the best jobs in the industry with their packages and relocation for you with the specific skill set needed.

3: Look for tech startups

Startups can be the most fun and searchable by the country you wish to relocate to. It is a fantastic opportunity to work at a startup, as the need for talent, skill, and drive are imperative. It is your time to shine, make a difference and become part of a growing company.

4: Linkedin and recruitment agencies are a fast and effective way to get into the top tech jobs Europe offers. Tech companies often don't have time themselves; therefore, international recruitment agencies or head hunters are your best bet for landing your dream job!

5. Join Her Expat Life, an international female empowerment boutique consultancy that provides services to expat women entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, and investors who desire to advance their global lifestyle, network, and portfolio.

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