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How to create a female-centric workplace environment!

The working world can be a harsh, cut throat environment, which leads to women feeling unsupported, unrecognised and even developing 'imposters syndrome,' doubting our skills and capabilities. Instead of shunning women or over powering women, collectively the working world should be enhancing their much needed attributes, skills and creativity. The equality of gender is still a shocking issue in business, employment and other professional areas with unfair pay gaps, denial of promotions and often unfair dismissal. As we evolve and adapt through environmental changes so should the overall dynamics of work flow states to cultivate gender equal inclusive circumstances.

Here is Her Expat Life's List of ways to progress and nurture a female centric work environment

1: Gender-equitable recruitment system

The hiring practises and HR recruitment departments have the opportunity to enable equality in gender throughout a company.

Companies no matter how large or small, corporate or startup should understand that women are deserving of a fair hiring process, compensation for their work and treated the same as their male counterparts. HR should also take into consideration any forms of unfair or gender bias promotion or progression as this is reinforcing an unfair working environment.

2: Support for female run businesses

Small female led businesses are rising as more women enter the entrepreneurial game. New female business women are twice as likely to hire an all female team. Support from Investors, HR managers and the wider community of entrepreneurial female coaches and thought leaders are needed greatly to shift and guide the female centric workforce movement.

3: Conscious Health & Wellness Structure

The physical and mental welfare of women is another concern that must be addressed. Larger companies should start to offer in house healthcare programs. offering workshops on female centric health concerns, practises and solutions is a no brainer. Often, women are so stressed, unsupported and it leads to chronic illness, ignored until the symptoms are at devastating levels. In the modern office, creating a wellness room or rest rooms of sleep pods, masseuse and other measures will help them to feel comfortable and cared for at work, and encourage them to look after their health instead of wearing the old badge of honour', which we now call burnout.

4: Safe Work Environment

Women still report sexual harassment or misconduct in the work place. People need to make sure that there is an ongoing safe working environment and take complaints seriously. Other safety measures include offering a taxi service instilling security.

5: Flexibility

Understanding the needs of women and their external, private demands is crucial in developing a flexible working environment. Implementing a hybrid or remote style of working and allowing for women to take ownership of their work instead of sticking to rigid hours will help them to nurture their ongoing personal and professional needs. Guiding women to become their own boss within an organisation and leading by example empowers women, which we need more of.

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