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Health, Wellness, & Fitness Retreats For Summer 2022!

The summer of 2022 is finally here, and here at Her Expat Life, we want to give you lovely ladies the insights into the trendiest health, wellness & fitness retreats the world has to offer! Whether you are looking to relax, recharge & unwind or find some adventure in your life, this guide has something for everyone!

Reach your Fitness & Wellness goals this summer.

Here is Her Expat life's top health, wellness and fitness retreats!

1: Portugal: Eco-friendly Yoga & Sea at Alamos Retreat

The Alamos Retreat offers guests eco-chic vibes with an organic feel throughout the hotel. Water sports ranging from surfing, kayaking & paddle boarding are on offer, along with yoga in the gorgeous surroundings of Portugal's coastal beaches. Learn new skills every day and keep your adventurous streak alive.

Offer - 3 or 7 nights at Alamos Retreat from 576.94 Euro for sharing and 705.15 Euro for singles. The price includes half board, optional private transfers and a wellness programme.

2: Fitness at Six Senses Ibiza, Spain: Kickstart your summer of wellness!

At Six Senses Ibiza, they have a kick-ass personalised approach to fitness and wellness so you can stay active during your holiday! Improve your fitness, weight loss, mediation and sleep with their wellness programmes.

Do it at your own pace and feel more confident all summer long!

Offer: 3, 5 or 7 nights at Six Senses Ibiza from 1,789.50 Euro for sharing and 2,733.80 Euro for singles. The price includes breakfast, optional return private transfers and a wellness programme.

3: Rebalance, restore and rest in Thailand at Kamalya.

Take time out this year from your hectic work and social engagements. De-stress in paradise at Kamalya, a top-notch wellness retreat hotel. Thailand is all about healing with the most tranquil surroundings; it's your chance to get away from it all, recover from burnout and learn stress prevention techniques and other mind and body tips for optimum health and wellness.

Offer: 7 or 14 nights at Kamalaya from 3,779.36 Euro pp for sharing and 4,216.79 Euro for singles. The price includes the entire board, optional private transfers and a wellness programme.

4: Actively Explore the Galapagos with Active Tours!

Sometimes a change of scenery is as good as a rest, and as we sat at home throughout the Pandemic, the need for escape, adventure, and travel has never been more significant! Exploring new territory and broadening your horizons on an active tour of the mythical islands of the Galapagos could be just the ticket for you! Walking in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, embark on an electrifying discovery of unusual animals on land and underwater, from inquisitive manta rays and docile Galapagos tortoise to the playful sea lions roaming freely around the island. A truly unforgettable adventurous escape you will never forget!

Offer: a 10-day tour at Active Tours - Galapagos from 2,885.68 Euros. The price includes breakfast (5 lunches & 2 dinners), an optional arrival transfer and a busy time.

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