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From the Netherlands to Mauritius: Meet Dyane, the Entrepreneur Empowering Women Worldwide!

Meet Dyane, a Dutch expat entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience, currently navigating the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape of Mauritius alongside her serial entrepreneur husband, two teenagers, and our beloved Rottweiler, "Rude". Today, we want to share Dyane's inspiring journey that led her to establish Bstamina (Be Stamina), an online platform dedicated to supporting and connecting female entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges of growth and scaling. Read on for more!

The Birth of Bstamina

The idea behind Bstamina was born out of a realisation – the lack of comprehensive guidance and mentorship for female entrepreneurs. I've witnessed the struggles firsthand, and I'm on a mission to bridge the gap by providing the support and resources needed for women to thrive in the business world.

Filling the Gaps with Bstamina

At Bstamina, I offer a range of services tailored to address the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. From group and one-on-one coaching to mentorship, masterclasses, and strategic planning, Bstamina is designed to empower women in business at every stage of their journey.

Guiding Through Growth Pains

Many of my clients grapple with the challenge of navigating growth without a clear plan. They have the vision but need assistance in charting the right course for their business. I help them overcome hurdles, providing valuable insights that give them a competitive edge in expanding their ventures.

Knowing Your Numbers

"Know your Numbers" is a mantra I emphasise. Understanding key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial for any entrepreneur. Through simple and effective methods, I make financial management not only accessible but enjoyable, helping businesses optimise their profits and income.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Having started my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 19, I've faced setbacks due to age, gender, and lack of formal education. I empathise with the challenges of juggling multiple roles that women often find themselves in. Bstamina aims to make the entrepreneurial journey smoother, providing guidance, mentorship, and a supportive community.

Strategy, Success, and Focus

Success is not just about having a strategy; it's about putting in the right amount of work. Together with my clients, we finalise plans and strategies, ensuring they align with their goals. I provide guidance, tips, and connections to professionals within my network, fostering success within their potential.

Overcoming Distractions

Distraction is the nemesis of success, especially for women wearing many hats. I help entrepreneurs stay focused, stick to their plans, and navigate through the noise, ensuring they remain on the path to success.

Time Management Magic

Time management is a common hurdle. By rearranging priorities and creating personalised work schedules, we empower female entrepreneurs to balance their professional and personal lives effectively.

Celebrating Success Stories

Bstamina has been a catalyst for numerous success stories. One of my youngest clients created a 100% natural energy drink, and with my guidance, she secured a $100,000 investment to scale her business. These victories fuel my passion to continue empowering women in entrepreneurship.

The Future: Live Events for Connection and Inspiration

Looking ahead, my vision for Bstamina includes organising live events for female entrepreneurs. These events will provide a platform for connection, inspiration, and mutual support, fostering a community of empowered women challenging the status quo.

In conclusion, Bstamina is not just an online membership; it's a movement dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs globally. Whether you're just starting or scaling your business, Bstamina is here to provide the guidance, mentorship, and connections you need to thrive. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, empowerment, and success!

Connect with Dyane & Bstamina!

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